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4) Connection, connection, connectionThe path to healing

4) Connection, connection, connection
– this is difficult when you feel lonely & isolated & disconnected
– meditation groups? It can be daunting – people seem to have long, pre-established relationships which makes it seem hard to join in & the sense of is connect as the group invariably changes from week to week… 99 more words

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The path to healing 2) Dealing with an pleasant feelings

2) Dealing with unpleasant feelings
– engaging rather than withdrawing (with all feelings).
– It is possible to have difficult emotions without acting on them… 121 more words

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The path to healing - Expanding the lost self

The path to healing

1) Expanding the lost self
– We all want to be paid attention to
– work, partner, spiritual goals
– selflessness is not necessarily a good thing if the pice is not paying attention to the self t all… 257 more words

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Psychiatric emergencies

Psychiatric emergencies

Definition: situation in which person is in extreme distress (panic attack; being aggressive or violent; having just experienced a severe emotional trauma or self-harming) 278 more words

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ASD and Social Life

Social life

  • Past bad experiences may mean you are reluctant to make new friends.
  • Some young adults on the autism spectrum experience feelings of anxiety when interacting with others in social settings.
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How to Help a Teen Who's Talking about Suicide

How to Help a Teen Who’s Talking about Suicide – Howcast video @ http://www.howcast.com/videos/328017-how-to-help-a-teen-whos-talking-about-suicide/

Don’t write off suicidal threats as adolescent drama. A young person who is even joking about killing themselves needs your help. 239 more words

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3 Reasons kids with autism have meltdowns for reasons you cannot understand

  • Sensory or auditory sensitivities – a noise could be bothering them – find out the triggers. For e.g. be prepared when going to the mall or noisy places …
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