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Attachment Theory & Human Development

Attachment Theory – the idea that the emotional quality of our earliest attachment experience is perhaps the single most important influence on human development.

Source: Dan Siegel

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Six things we learned from asking couples how they stay together | The Guardian Australia | Alexandra Spring (2020)


From respecting each other’s independence to seeking professional help if needed, long-lasting couples share their wisdom on love

Everyone knows that couple: the one that endures no matter what life throws at them. 790 more words

Canberra Psychologist

The Baffling Errors of The Trump Prophecies

As another presidential election is on its way in the US, Christian Trump supporters are stepping up. At Charisma Magazine and other Trump-friendly Christian media houses, the president’s major character flaws, lies, and hurtful policies are swept under the rug and instead it is emphasized that he’s doing the will of God and that it was prophesized that he would be president. 1,079 more words


News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

The Q-Anon lunatics are looking for bloody revenge:

Chris McDonald says those who testified against Trump are traitors and are “lucky they’re not hanging from nooses.” …

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Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor's 2020 Prophesies

Join us today with our Special Guest Mark Taylor who prophesied Trump’s presidency, as we talk about Prophesies for this year, #SOTU address, the Super Bowl halftime show, the Corona Virus, and so much more. 261 more words

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