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SDBB: Point/CounterPoint #21 - Evaluating the CBS Coverage of the Big Dance

All season long we watch ESPN, who has a large stable of long time Commentators and/or former Coaches, who add a great depth to the season. 2,836 more words

NBA Bets - So. Much. Craziness.

NBA Predictions – The Wild Wild…. EAST?

This year is crazy. The title is literally up for grabs this year.

There are two fantastic teams riding franchise best starts (Golden State and Atlanta), some grind it out bullys hanging tough with great D (Memphis/Chicago), some awesome youngsters carving out their own stardom (take a bow Mr Lillard, you too Mr Wall), a couple of power teams behing some flakey players (looking at you Houston and Clippers) and some old hats keeping their tams afloat (Dallas/San Antonio). 1,095 more words

NBA Predictions And Gambling

NBA - Detroit is winning, Rondo goes home and how 'bout them Buckeyes!

NBA Predictions

A huge slate on today and for the first time in a while I picked all the same results as the spreadsheet did. Time to get in on some action. 1,245 more words

NBA Predictions And Gambling

I'm Ron Burgundy?

I’m an Olympic athlete, the next up-and-coming rapper and have a cat that was a dog in another life. I live a fabulous life full of great people, a bright future and I have zero complaints whatsoever. 328 more words

Book Eighty Three

Last night I finished reading Don’t Put Me In, Coach by Mark Titus.

First, let me explain to you why I took this book off the shelf. 378 more words


Hey Newton, Kansas! You’re on notice.

For those who missed it, The Notorious M3E is hitting the road and visiting Newton, Kansas this year. Kansas City-based M3E Headquarters, Chez G, is under construction.  600 more words

College Basketball

I'm going to read 60 books this year...

Maybe the only one of my 2013 goals that I am going to blog about is my goal to read 60 books this year.  I love to read and I read a lot but this is my most ambitious reading goal.   392 more words

My Journey