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Ocean Club IT system

The debate on ‘have the Ocean Club sheets been doctored in Excel’ or is it simply an OCR issue has turned up another small step forward, thus once again I thank Textusa for raising this issue. 1,074 more words

'No 100% guarantee of safety' Senator Warner warns following Texas shooting

RICHMOND, Va.  — The day after two men, who  linked themselves to ISIS, opened fire at an event in Texas that featured controversial cartoons of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, Virginia Senator Mark Warner offered a stark reminder to Americans. 441 more words


Madeleine on Luz radar 1

When did Madeleine first appear on the radar? When was she first spotted as a potential target?

For the moment I am ruling out 1st person – aka Madeleine herself, as in woke and wandered theories. 1,436 more words



Andy Oppenheimer and Mark Warner formed Touching The Void back in 2010. Two years later, Touching The Void released their debut single Parallel Lives, in 2012. 2,425 more words


Madeleine - Mark Warner arrivals 28 Apr 2007

I am interested in finding out who could have known what about Madeleine McCann and when, so it is time to look at the Mark Warner arrivals at the Ocean Club on 28 Apr 2007. 547 more words

Jeremy Wilkins - present!

If you try to build up a picture of what was going on in the Ocean Club around the time that Madeleine McCann disappeared, working with the PJ files, you hit a number of obstacles. 237 more words

Long-term care issue hits close to home for Sen. Warner

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Five years after U.S. Sen. Mark Warner’s mother died of Alzheimer’s, he is still haunted by what he might have done differently for her — if only he had known her wishes. 1,002 more words