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Blue Cross Blue Shield acting illegally in FEHBP programs

Ever try to talk to Blue Cross on the phone?

I don’t recommend it. Unless you have sedatives handy, that is.


Most serious Bundy offense missing from PEER/HCN FOIA request for 2014 incidents

According to the always refreshing High Country News (Paonia, Colorado), a joint request through FOIA by the magazine and PEER. (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)) has uncovered the potential for missing information related to this most serious incident last year. 136 more words


Multi-billion dollar government contractor Blue Cross should answer customers' questions

The last time I contacted Blue Cross-Blue Shield about some issues I was having with them, it was January 17, 2015.

They have yet to answer my questions that I asked a year ago about their  behavior . 35 more words


A New Category of Worker for the On-Demand Economy?

As legal challenges to the “1099 economy” mount, and as it becomes more and more likely that companies like Uber and Lyft will be deemed employers of their drivers and delivery workers, some participants in the debate are beginning to push for a new legal category of worker.   595 more words

On Labor

Madeleine - 2007 v 2006 and 2008

Why did the child-disappearing-in-Luz incident occur in 2007, rather than 2006 or 2008?

A trivial answer to the 2008 question is that once Madeleine disappeared, lightning was not going to strike twice. 693 more words

Under Secretary under illusion, but not alone



hen former US Secretary of State Warren Christopher visited Addis Ababa in 1996, Ethiopian officials invited him to address a joint-press conference, to which he declined. 871 more words