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What kind of jobs did most self-made successful entrepreneurs start off in?

Steve Jobs — (1973–4) Subsequent to dropping out of Reed College after one semester, Jobs got job as a night-shift technician at the company Atari. Atari’s cofounder Nolan Bushnell later described him as “difficult but valuable”. 473 more words

Jennifer Allford: Getting back in the information flow after shock of U.S. vote

If you’re reading this, I guess you’ve ended your news fast.

Maybe you’re easing your way back into the front pages with the latest from the upside-down world where a dog-whistling, crotch-grabbing reality TV star is the most powerful man on earth. 748 more words


Neem Karoli Baba : A miracle monk who knew everything

A young ‘yogi’ carrying a chimta or a pair of tongs and a ‘kamandal’ in his hand boarded a first class compartment of the Tundla destined train at Farrukhabad station. 1,292 more words

Julia Roberts

Facebook (FB) fake news data from Jumpshot: It's the biggest traffic referrer to fake and hyperpartisan news sites

Sites that publish fake or hyperpartisan news are almost completely reliant on Facebook for their readership, according to data collected by the marketing analytics firm Jumpshot. 421 more words

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The Verge: Mark Zuckerberg's posts about fake news and the US election briefly disappeared Tuesday

One wonders what’s going on at Facebook. From The Verge: Mark Zuckerberg’s posts about fake news and the US election briefly disappeared Tuesday. “Two important posts from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his company’s role in the US presidential election and news dissemination disappeared from his timeline on Tuesday morning before being restored shortly before 1PM ET.”

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Facebook's Relationship With Artificial Intelligence and Fake News: It's Complicated

Facebook wants the public to know more about artificial intelligence as part of an effort to make the often-misunderstood technology less mysterious (and threatening) than it may currently seem. 1,154 more words