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KKLive: Weed Lowers Your BMI, Zuckerburg Might Be An Adult Baby & More From #Trendasaurus

You might not be able to afford a home in the Bay Area, but Mark Zuckerburg can afford at least four of them (and counting.) It was a smart draft pick for Kevin and he’s got some points coming his way because Mark’s plan to build a giant compound around his Palo Alto house has just hit a giant roadblock.  1,155 more words


Password Protected

By Ashley Sutherland-Winch

American In Macau

Published in the Macau Business Daily Newspaper on June 9, 2016


Mark Zuckerberg had a bad Monday. The billionaire owner of Facebook and Instagram was hacked earlier this week, and for a brief period lost control of his Twitter and Pinterest accounts as a hacker started making posts. 437 more words

American In Macau


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All beings are related in an interconnectedness that is unknown to most of them ; that they group themselves in races or groups does not go against the fact of their interconnectedness in the natural web of this universe. 362 more words



These fb administrators are really shameless and usurpers and violators of the rights of their members . They have a set of rules that they do not abide by themselves . 689 more words


Wake up an hour early to live an hour more

Mornings hold the key to taking control of our schedules.

If we use mornings wisely, we can build habits that will allow us to lead happier, more productive lives. 988 more words


Eight Phenomenal Entrepreneurs Who Dropped Out Of School

Education is vitally important and should never be taken for granted. Some have had great opportunities drop on their lapse because of the academic laurels they chalked. 734 more words

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Weakday Roundup: Kanye Takes Over NYC, Hillary Clinton FTW, Muhammad Ali, Taylor Swift and Zuckerburg is an Idiot

Hillary, FTW. Hillary reached the magic number last night to be named the presumptive Democrtic nominee. Why it matters: It really doesn’t. Bernie Sanders is like your grandma fighting a speeding ticket; he has nothing else to do and is dementia is starting to kick in. 527 more words

Weakday Roundup