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Zuckerburg is a criminal. Facebook is now Censoring more.

Today I found on my news feed on Facebook, that it had changed it’s rules and guidelines, basically telling us what we can and cannot post.   699 more words


The Hulk, Wearing Purple Pants Everyday, and Decision Fatigue

Cartoon characters–from Daffy Duck to Pooh–wear the same thing every day, right? My son smashes the day away with an Incredible Hulk action figure, and recently I found myself scrutinizing Hulk’s signature tattered purple pants. 546 more words

Books Bite Back

I’m delighted to read articles that bolster my belief that the imminent death of the ink-and-paper book isn’t about to take place after all, and there have been a couple of notable ones recently. 155 more words


Tsu : What It Is and Why You Should Join Now.

Tsu Social Network pays you to grow your friends/followers and post content. This is something we do on Facebook anyways. Tsu Pays 90% of all revenue back to users!!! 403 more words


Close Facebook and Open Your Book

Happy new year everyone. Now, it is that time of the year when everyone has started off their New Year with lofty resolutions and admirable goals. 405 more words

Now That Mark Zuckerberg Made Reading Cool Again

Now that Mark Zuckerberg made reading his new years resolution, reading is cool again.

The first book on his reading list has all but disappeared from the shelves because there are so many people wanting to join Zuckerberg’s personal challenge ( I wrote about it… 366 more words