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Is Artificial Intelligence good or bad? (Part 2)

Following up on a previous post on Artificial intelligence (found here), we touched on a few topics regarding whether AI has morals. If they do how do they get these morals? 498 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Success? What is it?

When people look for success, many will look at successful people and then they look at how much they earn, like Bill Gates ($88.5 Billion) Mark Zuckerberg ($63.3 Billion) and then some more reasonable celebrities like Casey Neistat (approx $2.3 million). 451 more words


Mark Zuckerberg is running the Bucky Fuller agenda

Mark Zuckerberg is running the Bucky Fuller agenda

by Jon Rappoport

June 2, 2017

“Every time somebody comes up with a universal plan to improve the world, you have to ask yourself this burning question: who will impose the plan? 1,260 more words


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This Graduating Senior Made Harvard History With a Hip Hop Album Senior Thesis

The fear of graduating college can get heavy. The list of concerns is long. “Will I have enough credits?”. “Will I pass my final exams?”. Well, one graduating senior took this fear to another level by adding a new worry to the FAQ sheet:  502 more words


Candidate Zuckerburg is Terrifying

Zuck 2020?

Mark Zuckerberg is up to something and it’s creeping the hell out of me. I get it, he’s an interesting guy, so perhaps the social media titan’s new years resolution to meet people in all 50 of America’s states is nothing remotely nefarious. 1,210 more words

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'The Social Network' is amongst the best films of the last decade.

Based on the novel, “The Accidental Billionaires,” the film surrounds Havard Undergrad and computer genius Mark Zuckerburg as he begins work on a new idea that eventually turns into the global “social network” known as  522 more words


Wise Words with Bruce Wise


His First Week
          byBrice U. Lawseed

On January 20, Trump’s inauguration speech
included crime and poverty and rusted factories,
while protestors around the globe showed their unhappiness… 578 more words