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Hackers Can Use Your Webcam To Spy On You

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook does it. So does FBI Director James Comey. Should you? What they do is cover up their laptop webcams — sometimes with just a piece of opaque tape — blocking scuzzball computer hackers from activating the built-in cameras and spying on them. 14 more words

Petite and Perfect, 4

Người yêu hoàn hảo và bé nhỏ của tôi

Author: -G.

Status: Shortfic

Category: Omegaverse (ABO!au), slight!angst

Rating: K+ / M

Soulmate (con.)

Mark nhìn người nhỏ hơn đi đi lại lại trong nhà kính, bước chân bồn chồn và có vẻ như tâm trí cậu chẳng chú ý đến mấy luống hoa là bao. 5,340 more words


Blue Lick State Park - Battle of 1782 Reenactment

We thought this battle reenactment would be fun for Eli to see (and a good excuse to take pictures for me).  Well, we got there a little late, so we just walked around checking out the booths and the museum for a little while. 16 more words

Forgiveness is the Greatest Miracle

1 కొన్నిదినములైన పిమ్మట ఆయన మరల కపెర్న హూములోనికి వచ్చెను
2 ఆయన యింట ఉన్నాడని వినవచ్చినప్పుడు అ నేకులు కూడివచ్చిరి గనుక వాకిటనైనను వారికి స్థలము లేకపోయెను. ఆయన వారికి వాక్యము బోధించుచుండగా

Christian Life

An Invitation

I remember one of the reasons I like Rediscover Jesus so much. Matthew Kelly gives us his inspiration in very, very short doses and lets it layer on us. 702 more words


[127] Exception


by Angela Ranee

Rating G

Genre school life

starring Mark Lee of NCT & Sheryl Han

based on the prompt :

“Especially for you.” 222 more words

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