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Day 1/365

.5/5000 Hours

Today is a basic intro to myself, and who I am through a simple portrait. I am a loud leggings, baggy tank kind of girl. 32 more words

5000 Hours

Pokemon Fusion

Paras & Dewgong. Fucking about leads to fucking up. This is not a pass, it is a fail

Norrie Millar

A drawing of a girl

A cartoon 11 yr old girl drawn with Faber-Castell Connector Pens 60 pack


[Toons] Markers - Captain America

Another quick marker doodle I did on 4th of July!

I thought I draw a DUDE as well for 4th of July due to my overfluctuation of girls in my gallery. 56 more words


[Toons] Markers - Fireworks Girl

A quick marker doodle I did during 4th of July!

I went on the lazy route of drawing a scantily clad girl wearing an Uncle Sam hat with an American Flag Bikini. 17 more words


Summer and Mirror Cityscape

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my very long delay, with spring break and then the end of the ¬†year, I was so swamped with school that I just didn’t have the time or energy to make any post. 308 more words