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DIY Corner Bookmarks

Freebie bookmarks that you get in the store can be so dull and we all know it. So why not make your own? When we asked people this question, most of them said that it was too much effort, too difficult or that when they did make their own bookmarks, they just didn’t look good enough to grace their books pages. 219 more words

How Non Toxic Marker are Better than Common Markers

The markers are used on a large scale and in every industry for some or the other purpose. There are the markers that are used in the school and offices, these are the markers that cannot be used on hand as they can create some harmful impression on the screen. 270 more words

Bright Neon Highlighters

Tips and Tricks for an Organized Learning Space

by Judy Mullican

A Place for Everything: Organizing the whole learning space at once can be a big task, but it’s much easier if you tackle it by working on one area at a time. 455 more words

Activity Ideas

Review: Sharpie Fine Point Markers

Hey guys!

Today I figured I’d write a review on these fine point markers, since I am actually going to buy new markers this morning. It does not mean that these are all bad, but, you’ll see in the review! 254 more words


[Sketches] Work Doodles

I thought I’d share some doodles I did at work.
Just Bride of Frankenstein, Batman, and PACMAN!
I actually did these doodles some time during January when work was REALLY SLOW. 111 more words


The Brolly Bird

Under your umbrella,                                                                                                             Is a handsome bird fella,                                                                                                       Come rain or shine,                                                                                                                 He’s there to cover your behind!

Word of the day is Brolly which is a British name for umbrella. 11 more words


I Wonder, February 24, 2015

I Wonder….

  • Can I carve a dog out of wood?
  • Can I carve sling out of wood?
  • How are fish scales like tree trunks?
  • Can you use the AM radio after noon?
  • 191 more words
Inspire-not Require