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Advantages of Markers in ODI.

Hi Friends,

many of the interviewees were rejecting by asking one of the important question in ODI i.e. importance of markers or why we need markers in ODI. 54 more words


how to create a New Marker group in ODI.

please go through the below options detailing to create new marker groups in ODI.

  1. In Designer Navigator, click the Markers node in the Project accordion, or the Global Markers node in the Others accordion.
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Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books is all the rage these days, you see them on display with pencil crayons at Indigo and other places. Last year for my birthday, my friends, KH and YH, bought me a colouring book and some markers. 244 more words

Jenn's Life

And winner is...

Already behind the 88th Oscar awards ceremony. And, of course, you got nothing (well, you are not Leonardo DiCaprio). Well, okay. After all, anyone who has access to office life, able to make a statuette of “Oscar” by himself! 156 more words


Recent favorites

Four of these five pieces are part of my portfolio, Nyree the Sea Angel is a new piece. Most of my newer pieces have blank backgrounds because I’m making work geared towards t-shirt design and don’t want to have a square or rectangular design because to me it looks amateurish.



1. The west wind.2. A gentle breeze.3. Any of various soft light fabrics, yarns, or garments, especially a lightweight, checked gingham fabric.4.  445 more words


"The First Time Ever I Saw A Hummingbird" by Didi Menendez

The first time ever I saw a hummingbird the Santa Ana winds were thrusting somewhere through Sunset Blvd and Highland Ave and the school bell for Hollywood High rang for first period as the humming… 12 more words