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Market in Hyderabad, India

India is a wonderful place. I have spent 2 full days here in Hyderabad, and am fully enjoying myself. The people are wonderful, very warm and friendly. 69 more words


Financial Freedom as I Walk Through My Neighbor's HouseĀ 

I walked through my neighbor’s house today looking for flaws and thinking how I would never buy this place, ever. It’s too small and I like unfinished basements. 96 more words

It was a White-Christmas Market

Phew! My annual event Christmas Market has finished. That day London woke up with a snowfall and it kept snowing throughout the day. 502 more words


Okinawa Winter Festival 2017-2018

This holiday season, the people who brought you the Okinawa Summer Festival and the Panic Of Pumpkin event are holding their first-ever winter event! The… 122 more words


Japanese Themed Christmas Market in North London!

The fabulous time has come! It is the season that I am going to have a stall in a Christmas Market in North London. This ‘Jolly Hobbies’ Market is held only once a year during Christmas Time but that is not the only thing this market is special about. 304 more words


The International Food Market in Arezzo, Tuscany

This was my fourth weekend of living in Arezzo, and every week has been totally different. I’ve been busy exploring the region andĀ having mini adventures around town. 464 more words


CADERU VOL. 4 Halloween Event

As autumn quickly approaches, people are putting out pumpkins and getting into the Halloween spirit. Get a head-start on this year’s Halloween festivities at the CADERU VOL. 125 more words