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Investment Ideas 

There was a time when investment in stock market seemed to be shrouded in mystery to most of the people. But smart people across the world recognized this investment vehicle right from the era of… 2,866 more words

Stock Market

In just two hours, Amazon erased $30 billion in market value for healthcare's biggest companies

Amazon has disrupted fashion, books, furniture, food, cloud-based storage services, and much else besides. Now, it’s coming for one of the biggest, most complex industries in the US: healthcare. 292 more words

Elon Musk’s pay tied to Tesla’s market capitalization targets

Tesla stated that its Chief Executive’s pay, including salary, cash bonuses is tied to the firm’s operational milestones.

On Tuesday, Tesla Inc stated that the renumeration of its CEO, Elon Musk will be paid if the firm and its shareholders do extraordinarily well. 156 more words


All that Glitters is not Gold: Not All that is Called Investment is Investment

When I first studied economics in university, I came across in my economics textbook the statement that savings equals investment, or S = I. This statement puzzled me at the time, but it was only many years later that I understood why it is wrong. 2,541 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

Is Investing In Stocks Is Good For Your Health?

The Surgeon General said buying stocks can be injurious to your health but on a more serious note well so buying a stock is far more complicated activity than most people seems to think. 619 more words

Market Capitalization

Market cap on the rise

How big will the market grow in 2018?

2017 has been monumental in market capitalization. From 18 billion $ to 600 billion in 365 days. And my expectations for 2018 are pretty high. 252 more words

Market Capitalization

Global Market Capitalization and Bitcoin Cash.

In this video I give my opinion of Bitcoin Cash and the goal of cryptocurrencies, to reach the Global M1 Money Supply Market Capitalization.

I talk about the market cap of gold as well as claims that Roger Ver has made on Bitcoin Cash being the real Bitcoin. 39 more words