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SUMMARY: Bombardier "B" shares closed at $0.89 today, a reverse stock split is badly needed to avoid the stock being ejected from Canada's benchmark S&P/TSX composite index. A reverse stock split would reduce the number of shares and increase the stock price accordingly, so as an example a 5:1 reverse split would reduce the TSX:BBD.B outstanding shares from 1.933 billion to 386.6 million shares and increase price to 5 x todays' price to $4.45 all else being equal. Sounds good ? well only 25 months ago (January 17, 2014) Bombardier the stock was at $4.51 at the current share price decline, another reverse share split would be needed by the end of February, 2018 ! So, I expect that a Bombardier reverse share split will have to be at least 15:1 ($12.00 to $13.35 range) to avoid future problems after the split (e.g. CHC Group). If it were not for bad news these days, there would be no news out of Bombardier. On December 8, 2015 CHC Group stock (NYSE:HELI) hit $0.234 per share, they did a 30:1 reverse split on December 11, 2015 to avoid delisting on the NYSE, and the stock immediately went to $6.55 (7% discount after the reverse split from an expected at par price of $7.02 ) and they are now out of the 'penny stock' category. Today (February 4, 2016), CHC Group stock (NYSE:HELI) hit $2.10 per share, or better put, $0.07 per share without the 30:1 reverse split ! it's all just "smoke and mirrors" to hide horrible stock devaluations by company's in serious trouble (today's CHC Group market cap is only $8.35 million for a $1.7 billion a year, 233 helicopter operation), so things can get worst for Bombardier even after a "cosmetic" reverse share split. These are dark days for Bombardier and the offshore helicopter market and their OEM's as well.

Well, I have been right about the Bombardier shares (TSX:BBD.B) becoming “penny stock”, said it along time ago, the writing was on the wall, but no one really paid attention to my blog and it has stayed a penny stock since January 27th when it hit $0.99, today it hit $0.89 and a continuing slide to nowhere good. 990 more words

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Google's Parent Seizes Apple's Crown As Most Valuable U.S. Company

(Reuters) – Alphabet surpassed Apple Inc as the most valuable company in the United States in after-hours trading on Monday, knocking the iPhone maker from the top spot that it has held for the better part of four years. 521 more words


Alphabet is within a hair of dethroning Apple as the world's most valuable company

When markets closed in the US on Jan. 29, just $13 billion separated Alphabet from Apple, the world’s most valuable company.


With each passing day, it’s becoming ever more likely that Alphabet, … 192 more words

GSE snapshot: 3 gainers and 2 losers [Friday January 22, 2016]

The GSE closes with 3 gainers and two losers on Friday January 22, 2016.

  • Total Volume Traded was 1,018,985.00
  • Market Capitalization was 56,748.67 million cedis…
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Ethereum has just replaced Ripple as the 2nd largest crypto

Yesterday, Ethereum already overtook Litecoin as the 3rd largest crypto in terms of market capitalization. Today, it has taken 2nd spot replacing Ripple.

Its trading volume has been over $10 million in the past 24 hours, which is 8 times larger than the trading volume of Litecoin and more than 30 times larger than Ripple’s trading volume. 25 more words

Alphabet is within arm's reach of overtaking Apple as the world's most valuable company

Apple has been considered the world’s most valuable company since 2013 when it surpassed Exxon Mobil in market capitalization, but that status is now threatened by Alphabet, Google’s new parent company. 246 more words

Is Facebook Creating its Monopoly?

Starting off as a medium of social interaction for the fellow college mates, Facebook Inc. has managed to obliterate a lot of its competitors that came along its way! 511 more words