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Society, Education, and the Destructive Logic of Market Efficiency

If you’ve glanced at some of my posts below, you might notice that I’ve been expressing dismay for quite some time now about the subjection of literally everything in our society to the “management ideology” of corporate capitalism, a crass and ultimately nihilistic form of materialism that sees everything including humanity itself as little more than “resources” to be exploited for short term profits. 147 more words

I got the job!

Just finished my trial work at Market Logic here in Berlin. I had three hours to do this trial assessment and pretty much finished it in two hours while sipping a latté and chatting with the other employees. 408 more words

Call for Papers: Academic Culture under Siege?

When the authority of science in Europe and the United States came under serious scrutiny more than 40 years ago its initiators were not people from outside the scholarly world, but students and academics themselves. 526 more words

Graduate School Activities

Caught Between a Fox And a Hard Object

A young LA-based painter seems to be quite the toast of the town. Our artist of eastern European decent  was courted by not one, but TWO galleries straight out of of grad school: O and F. 236 more words

Young Artists

Only @ Made In LA?

A certain t Mr. S. claimed he had to decline his invitation to be in the Hammer  Made in LA biennial because of conflicting interests; Artists featured in the biennial can’t be in any solo shows throughout the duration of the biennial. 146 more words

Young Artists

To Support a Rock

Mr Xmas is a never ending story but it’s a story with it’s ups and downs. The artists DS used to be a contractor for Mr. 119 more words

Character Trait

Oscar Wilde on Kidney Markets

Reader Austin Donisan has a long comment worth reading in response to my post on why kidney markets might offend me. I’m not going to engage with every single point Donisan makes, because in doing so I would be repeating myself (please read… 373 more words