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Green Gold. Neither gold gold nor black gold.

Has time come? Thomas Malthus once predict that the population growth would drive us to a world that would crazily need more and more food. So far it has not been the case. 129 more words

Market Shakers

Estate of the art - FT tells us what is going on in the Art Market

It’ s been a while since I saw this article. It is an excellent article that explains everything I believe is important about what is going on in the art market. 56 more words

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Art Loan at Big Banks a new practice in the financial world

The following articles from Bloomberg and ArtInfo  illustrate what is going on in this new market.

Of course Art Loans would be offered to clients. Next step is Art Leverage for clients, then the art bubble and then Kboom. 144 more words

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Greg Smith - GS is a morally bankrupted firm.

The NYTimes Open-Ed today, Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs , by Greg Smith speaks by itself.
Everyone knows what I have to say. I have nothing to add.

Market Shakers

Stuffing debt and getting rich - By Carlyle

Everyone knows that private equity firms are very good at stuffing debt in the companies they buy out. Now they go to the extreme, they have stuffed their own company, 65 more words

Market Shakers

Facebook IPO - Am I nuts?

Rumors in the market that Facebook will file for an IPO this Wednesday. A bit more than 10 years ago the dotcom bubble exploded. Today markets may value Facebook at the landmark $100 billion. 111 more words

Market Shakers