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Forest2Market's Pete Stewart Discusses Market2Mill at 2012 Paper Recycling Conference

On October 15, Forest2Market’s President and CEO Pete Stewart spoke to the recovered fiber industry about the crippling effects of survey data on the effective operation of the industry. 31 more words


Moving beyond Average: Break through the Chatter in the Market and Improve Business Performance

As human beings, we tend to shape our view of the world around the information we have. Figure 1 is a case in point. This graph shows the volume weighted average price for OCC in the Southeast region of the US for each month since Forest2Market began collecting recovered fiber data. 1,786 more words


SYP Tracker—August 2012 Mill2Market Results

The figure below summarizes pricing data gathered for Forest2Market’s weekly lumber market report, Mill2Market. For this market report, Forest2Market aggregates sales order data submitted directly by report subscribers. 349 more words

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Must History Repeat Itself? Recovered Fiber Market Crashes

When the economy fell off the cliff in the autumn of 2008, both domestic and export recovered fiber markets quickly followed.  In fact, traded volumes and prices of all fiber grades fell so fast and far that processing plants hung placards on their doors telling all who approached: “No paper wanted.” 395 more words


Better Recycling Data May Soon Be Available

For decades, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been providing information on the recycling, reuse and generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in its MSW Characterization Report, “ 324 more words

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EPA Prepares to Revise the MSW Characterization Report

The EPA’s Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Report, which analyzes, “among other things, the amounts of MSW recycled, incinerated and landfilled,” has used the same methodology since the 1960s. 446 more words

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Increasing Manufacturing Competitiveness through Improved Recycling Data Act of 2012

The Glass Packaging Institute, with input from the Recycling Roundtable,¹ led an effort to introduce a bill into the House of Representatives called “The Improving Manufacturing Competitiveness through Improved Recycling Data Act of 2012.” This bill is currently in draft form, though the first hearing on the draft was held June 27, 2012 by the House Subcommittee on the Environment and the Economy. 935 more words

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