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You Are Always Marketing!

Consider you went to a job interview and the interviewer asked you to talk about yourself. You go on listing your skills and achievements hoping you convince her that you, among all other candidates, are the best option for this job. 153 more words


Trouver de la passion

 Finding Passion

Haven’t we all been in that place in the journey of  life when we don’t know if what we are persuing puts us at a zenith of happiness? 366 more words

Author's Marketing Continued

This is the second year I’ve attended the Author’s Marketing Event. Last year, it was in Austin. This year, I made a weekend trip out of it and traveled to Houston. 1,155 more words


My First Experience With Facebook Fundraisers

If you’ve celebrated a birthday in the last 6 months and have it listed on Facebook then you got the same notification I got when I celebrated my birthday in May. 447 more words


The Analysis of an Ad

“We become what we behold.  We shape our tools and then our tools shape us” – Marshall McLuhan

Change of pace for today, I need a break from the world of news, disability and access.   1,164 more words

Terry Wiens

Branding: Part 2

Hello all!

As we know, branding is the core of any marketing-oriented company, and indeed it is essential for any marketer to know all about branding. 562 more words