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Looking for an easy solution to creative marketing?

Marketing and promoting your business is tough. I get it. It is tough enough to get your brand and product out there day in day out and make the sales, follow up and then … social media rears its ugly head. 31 more words

Bright Business

#1 Question Writers Ask

I was at a writing conference last weekend and had a fabulous time. The workshops were inspiring, the food was delicious, the keynote speaker’s jokes made me laugh. 518 more words

Public Libraries, Local Government, and Value

“Libraries exist as parts of larger systems. Public libraries are part of cities, towns, and counties… Almost no library stands alone. These larger host systems created the libraries, and they sustain them. 600 more words

Renegade Marketing

Book promotion is essential for authors.  There are millions of books published on Amazon every year.  How do we, as authors, make ourselves stand out in the crowd? 447 more words

Book Promotion

UX is Brand is UX is Brand is UX

We’ve been working with the fantabulous Aaron Schmidt for 9 months now – and we just birthed this baby.  This letter to our users represents a TON of thoughtful conversations, deliberation and iteration, and just plain hard work by our staff here at CHPL.   386 more words

Thinking Outside The Box: Young Entrepreneurs Are Forging Their Own Business Paths

School and university aren’t the only roads to success. Find out why educational dropouts are the rock stars of the business world

There has been a massive shift in the way that society and the Government view self-made… 559 more words