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[Case Studies] What a flagship store should be like - Nintendo

If a brand wants to have a flagship store, then it should be about offering a brand-focused experience not making profit out of it. Nintendo store next to the Rockefeller center in New York is one of the best examples of flagship store. 96 more words


Just how important is a creative propostion?

But more importantly do you know why?

I was at a networking meeting the other day, where a marketing director wanted to talk about a meeting they’d had with their new creative agency. 343 more words

Regardless of how many opportunities you get in life, first impression will make you or break you. When I first started my professional journey, becoming a waged employee was totally exciting. 550 more words

Growing Up

The Buyer's Journey

Modern marketers have learned that the purchase process is not instantaneous, it’s a journey the consumers advance through.

There are three main stages in the buyer’s journey. 268 more words



In this post, we’ll briefly introduce you to the concept of marketing and the 4Ps involved in it.

What is Marketing?

At the most basic level, it is the process of getting people interested in your company’s product or service. 286 more words


When everyone thinks they can do marketing, monkeys can start wearing suits too.

Most companies, especially those in the B2C focused industries know the value and importance of marketing and yet, marketing is also one of the first few functions to suffer a budget cut when there’s pressure on costs. 516 more words

Personal Ramblings

Recovering From a Failing Marketing Strategy

Do you feel like your marketing strategy is failing and pulling your business under?

Profound failure in business can come from anywhere. Most times, failure is brought by our own actions or inactions. 2,767 more words