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One of my interior images from an recent real estate shoot in Hilton Head, SC. ©2016 Corey R. Minkanic/Press Photography Network, Inc. 

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Implement a Referral Program and Everyone Wins

Do you have a referral program in place for your current customers to refer friends and colleagues to your business? Studies have shown that referrals are extremely important to the success of a business. 301 more words

Best Practices

The eCommerce Marketing Guide

Many view eCommerce as simply an online store selling products. What they neglect is the importance of building a brand and focusing on the customer. 160 more words


What Does Branded Apparel Mean For Your Business?

We see it all the time –people wearing clothes as a ubiquitous statement of fashion choice. It’s a conscious decision but only those who see it as a great fashion item. 203 more words


8 Questions To Ask About a Database Before Advertising

Recently a prospective vendor asked how big a client’s database was, to decide whether to advertise with us. “What other metrics do they want?” I asked.   295 more words


How to Use Social Media in Network Marketing without Involving Your Ego– Part 2

You’ve learned how to leave your ego at home by not advertising to your audience and providing them with interesting content. Keep your audience interested in your content and continuously coming back to your site by following these simple steps. 355 more words

Social Media For Business

Using Customer Reviews to Improve Your Business

In this era of increasing customer involvement, you immediately know how many of your customers feel about your company as you can see what they think of your products and services on any number of review websites. 302 more words

Wine And Retail Business