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A Timeless Brand

While vacationing on Maui in April I bought my son a vintage Pan Am ball cap that became a conversation starter over the following weeks. For those of you not familiar with Pan Am or if you have tucked a childhood memory in a corner, let’s just say that it was the embodiment of travel for the better part of sixty years and a cultural icon of the 20th century. 543 more words

Marketing And Advertising

I Wanna Go THERE!

Foodie Friday, and today we’re going to vary from the usual routine.  Most Fridays, I rant about some dish or bit of cooking trivia and attempt to relate it to your business.   557 more words

Marketing And Advertising

Stirring With A Fork

One of the things I work on with clients is using the appropriate tools to solve their needs.  We also focus on using those tools in the right way, which means using the right tool in the right manner to solve the issue.   385 more words

Helpful Hints

Print that house

You gotta to be kidding. Assembling a house in 3 hours from 3D printing? Check out this ridiculously amazing technology from China. The Zhuoda Group managed to create a 200 square feet home from scratch in merely 3 hours. 119 more words


Plans Etched In Sand

So, marketing compatriots. Let me ask you: what are you plans for MySpace this year? Or Orkut? What role does Friendster play in your brand strategy? 365 more words

Business Thinking

Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

You can bet that, of all the things you can master for your company or brand, customer service may be the ONLY thing that can turn a detractor into an evangelist for your brand faster than you can say ‘the Minions are back.’ 560 more words


The Broken Business Model

I’ve written before about ad blocking and all of the business questions it raises.  Those questions are most directly asked about the business model in media, but they might also involve your business as well.   429 more words

Reality Checks