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Why Display Ads Suck and How Marketers Destroy Everything.

Why Marketers Destroy Everything

This is probably a little odd considering I am a digital marketer myself but oh well. The problem I have with advertising is display ads and promotional ads that show up within apps, programs or websites. 221 more words

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No Place At The Table For Bad PR

I had planned to rant today about some smart marketing I came across the other day when a bit of really awful marketing slapped me in the face. 461 more words


Top 3 Ways a Marketing Plan Will Help Your Small Business

I love working with small business owners.  They are passionate about their product or service and work hard to provide the best to their customers.  They also remind me of my work with non-profits; driven by their mission, but usually short on time and funds. 382 more words

Small Business Marketing

Not Sexy (But Effective)

There is a big debate going on about whether advertising is dead. It may be, to a certain extent (that’s a much longer post) but I’m also certain that… 368 more words



The normal individual is presented to more than a hundred chemical products from beautifying agents, cleansers, and other individual consideration items before going out in the morning. 483 more words


Getting Personal

At the tail end of last week, I received a mailing from the folks at Total Wine.  It’s one that comes along each week and contains what Total calls my “weekend recommendations.”  It shows me some highly-rated… 331 more words


Digital Advertising Budgets 2016: 4 Trends You Need To Know - #Infographic

Have you spent hours striving to strategize your advertising budget for 2016? Save yourself the work and worry of tracking tomorrow’s marketing trends with an insightful new infographic created by MDG Advertising.

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