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Meaningless Marketing

This Foodie Friday I want to talk about something I call “meaningless marketing” in the food industry although I think you’ll see that the principle behind the term holds true in any industry. 265 more words

Marketing And Advertising

How to "drill down" to make sure your ad agency knows what you REALLY need.

At MO Partners we have just instituted a new way of “interrogating” briefs from our customers – especially new customers. We call it, appropriately, “Magnum Discovery”. 525 more words

Marketing And Advertising

Shopping Until You're Dropping

Today’s screed is mostly about shopping (or selling, I suppose). I read some results from a research report and I think you’ll probably share my thinking about what the data shows: more of what we already know. 367 more words


Cheaper and affordable anti ddos solution

Nowadays ddos attacks become common. Because of ddos the bandwidth of the server gets overload and speed of the network get slow down. Basically, attacks occur when multiple requests sent simultaneously from multiple computers .But now many… 138 more words


Promotional Clip On Hand Sanitizer offers Convenience to the People

Today, there is a tough competition between business firms. Every company is coming up with the new and out of the box ideas to promote their products and services. 280 more words

Marketing And Advertising

Measuring What Matters

I read an interesting report from the Forrester folks this morning. It is about business-to-business marketing but I think it’s instructive to any of us who are in marketing. 315 more words

Helpful Hints

Believe It Or Not

We’re busy prepping Rancho Deluxe for sale and so we’re in need of some outside services to perform tasks such as washing the roof (damn lichen). 399 more words