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The Way Of The Online Ad | What Brands Should Be Doing

I refer to online Ads that are done right as Sponsored or Promoted Relationships, not as Sponsored or Promoted Ads.

You’ll notice that Sponsored Posts on Facebook and Promoted Tweets are increasingly surrounding our content consumption, which by definition are native advertisements that blend into the platform we’re browsing within, visually appearing like content around it. 431 more words


Pretty Pictures Or Perfect Food?

It’s Foodie Friday and I’m shaking my head today.  No, not at the fact that we’re still walking around the Northeast wearing sweaters entering Memorial Day Weekend… 349 more words

Digital Media

Looking to Boost Sales?

The LTO (Limited Time Offer) can attract new customers while boosting sales among existing customers. Promoted correctly the LTO will also increase brand awareness.

LTO’s are a great way to boost sales when backed by effective promotion. 364 more words

Customer Experience

Imitate Your Way To Finding More Customers.

Every successful business was young and at ground zero once. While you may have a terrific product or service, there’s still the challenge of finding your perfect customers. 466 more words


4 Ways to Use Facebook for Business Growth

Everyone knows Facebook is a social media site fostering connectivity, but how businesses use Facebook continues to change and evolve. With roughly 1.4 billion worldwide users and almost 1 billion daily logins, Facebook can exponentially grow a business. 547 more words


Ad Spots, Should You Participate?

I think one of the challenges I often hear from my consultations is how to reach your market, through what channels, and what medium. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll make bad choices. 281 more words


Predicting The Unpredictable

You might be starting your work week pondering what new opportunities will present themselves. Then again, you might just as likely be sitting at your desk dreading those very same opportunities. 368 more words

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