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First Impressions

Everyday you get a new chance at a first impression. How will a potential customer/client remember you? You are your brand; What you wear, how you carry yourself and the things you say all affect your brand. 14 more words


How Do You Show Up?

How do you show up to work everyday? Happy, mad, tired, rested? Remember to smile, because you are your brand. Everyday is a new day for a first impression. Make it count.


Building Your #HBCU Brand In 2017 to Be Invincible

Building Your
#HBCU Brand In 2017
to Be Invincible
William Jackson, M.Edu.
My Quest To Teach
@wmjackson – #MyQuestToTeach

In todays digital society HBCUs or what is known as Historically… 484 more words


Why Blog for Your Business?

We believe blogging is critical for every business and often get asked why. So we came up with a quick list of reasons…

1) It drives people to your website without having to pay to get new people there. 117 more words


5 Tips for providing Excellent Customer Service!

Provide excellent services to your customers so that you can bond and retain long lasting& loyal customers. Providing this type of excellent customer service is okay but you need to think beyond selling your products. 372 more words


Marketing and Branding 101

Whether or not you have marketing and/or branding in your title, we are all marketing ourselves and our company, aren’t we? How do you present yourself to others? 174 more words


Modern Day Marketing: How to stand out from the crowd

“A brand is a reason to choose.” – Cheryl Burgess

The evolution of marketing dates back to simpler times where sales were as easy as having a product to sell. 880 more words