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VIEWED & REVIEWED: KFC–Flaming Crunch “feed your fire”

India is a country with an estimated 5 billion worth of restaurant market, fighting aggressively to get their share of pie. Each one wants to showcase itself as the provider of value for money and the quality of product being the benchmark for sales in Indian market. 620 more words

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How effectively are you using your marketing assets…..

A senior marketing director in a recent conversion blurted out that while her marketing budget has increased YoY, the ROI seems to be elusive. What was bothering her was the fact the company spends substantially in curated events managed by respected analysts, and yet Sales find the coverage insufficient. 359 more words

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Brands Will Love Augmented Reality Games, and You Will Too

July 4, 2016.

Fifteen thousand people attended the July Fourth fireworks at Butler County Fairgrounds. They were packed together and had to occupy themselves for hours as they waited for dusk. 836 more words

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Why after-sales service lacks the sting…….?

After-sales service is often seen as necessary devil and not many organizations think about the impact it has on revenues and customer satisfaction. This is despite the fact that dealers and OEM’s margins on the virgin equipment may be less than 2-3% of the final price, while parts revenues can hover around 25++ margins. 494 more words

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Late but not too late; late market entry strategies

Nobody remembers the second person who climbed Mt. Everest or set foot on moon. Why? Because we have a culture in which only the pioneers are revered. 583 more words

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