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Viruses discovered a century ago may be our best defense against a threat that could kill 10 million people a year by 2050

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Antibiotic resistance — the phenomenon in which bacteria stop responding to certain antibiotics — is a growing threat around the world. 55 more words


7 tips to bounce back from a bad performance review


1. Allow Yourself to Feel Bummed Out
While you might be tempted to protect your ego by dismissing or rationalizing your boss’ feedback, resist the urge. 840 more words


How to end that never-ending email chain without being rude

You can see it coming from a mile away. A co-worker sends an email to a dozen people with an open-ended question that doesn’t have any real consequences on anyone’s life. 60 more words


Agency News: Viewpoint

How Agencies Can Turn the Tables on Consultants
By Jay Friedman. Published on October 03, 2017.

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Do you share other people’s Instagram posts to your own account?

Concerned you may be violating Instagram’s terms of service or copyright law?

In this article, you’ll discover best practices to help you safely and legally regram other people’s content on Instagram. 6 more words


New Beginnings!

This is it, I have entered into the world of writing a blog. I love to write, it gives me great joy….but that’s only any good as a blog if you, the reader, enjoys reading what I waffle on about. 93 more words

The Conscientious Marketer

How to Identify Your Most Valuable Keywords (& Find More

How to Identify Your Most Valuable Keywords (& Find More) [READ FULL ARTICLE]

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Allen Finn is a content marketing specialist and the reigning fantasy football champion at WordStream. 14 more words