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Domain Names: The dangers of “snapping”

The practice of “snapping” (also known as backorders or snapbacks) has been around for some time and domain name owners should carefully consider the potential risks before allowing their domain names to expire.  Read More  . . . . . 


When Sexual Harassment Is Also a Crime


“Sexual harassment in the workplace has traditionally been a matter for civil enforcement, through actions brought by private plaintiffs or by governmental agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or state or city Commissions on Human Rights. 30 more words


5 rules for good communication for change

Communication for change is different to marketing, education, or PR. We are inviting people to take personal risks, not just be aware of something. It’s vital to begin by learning about those people and their realities – by talking to them. 851 more words

Marketing And Communications

Dark Day For Hollywood – Law Prohibiting Online Publication Of Actors’ Ages Is Unconstitutional!


A federal court has struck down as unconstitutional a California law (AB 1687) that prohibits commercial online services from publishing actors’ ages without their consent.  262 more words


"I could do that!" [Rule #1 of good communication for change]

Reasons, benefits and arguments are not just overrated, they are dangerous and counter-productive. Worse, they harm and kill people.

I know that sounds extreme. Bear with me. 855 more words

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