How to Stand Out with a Powerful Positioning Statement, Part I

Part 1 of the 3-part series: Laying the Foundation for A Rock-Solid Marketing Program

Your marketing and fundraising efforts are only as strong as your ability to communicate with your key audiences. 1,083 more words


As a creative copywriter for the Microsoft 365 Studio, I developed content for advertising (paid media, web, social), product marketing, long-form posts, and video scripts for both business and consumer audiences. 60 more words

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Sometimes expertise gets in the way of making the right call

There are many professionals can identify with the facts expressed in this article. Such as “experience also comes with the attitude that we all have the right answers” and “the more there is to learn, experience opens our minds to the fact that” there are multiple ways to approach the same decision or task.” 91 more words


"Voice search will be the death of SEO"

33 Voice Search Statistics to Prepare You for the Voice Search Revolution