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AI Set to Become Dominant Marketing Tool

Trend Summary: All the marketing runes point to 2017 as the year in which AI will start to impact on the world’s marketers.

However, AI’s predicted impact on the global marketing scene won’t be in the flashy or apocalyptic way foreseen by adland’s soothsayers, although there’s plenty of time ahead before it becomes part of a … … 120 more words


Average and Median Age by Marketing Technology Category - Q4 2016

The above graph summarizes the average and median age of companies in each Marketing Technology category. The Search Engine Marketing category has both the highest average and median ages, at around 11 years each. 44 more words


US Retail Marketers Link With Broadway Shows

Today’s Marketing Trend: US Retailers seeking to boost their brand identities are embedding themselves with master storytellers – Broadway shows.

During this Autumn’s New York theatre season, retail marketers have found new ways to weave a show’s cast or creative team into …  156 more words


Average Funding by Marketing Technology Category - Q3 2016

The above analysis summarizes the average company funding in each Marketing Technology category. The Social Discovery category leads the sector with over $55M in average funding per company, followed by the Advertising Networks/Exchanges category with around $40M in average funding per company. 32 more words

Live Video is Now a 'Must-Buy' for Marketers

Trend Summary: A study by Yahoo on the effectiveness of livestreamed video found that 31% of consumers remember live ads better.

From sports to breaking news to the world’s biggest music festivals, live video gives consumers the experience of being in two places at …  151 more words


New Software Enables Marketers To Spy On Rivals

Trend Summary: London headquartered marketing analytics specialist Ebiquity has launched a new global advertising intelligence platform.

The new platform, branded Ebiquity Portfolio, enables marketers to view, sort and analyse competitor’s advertising creative work and expenditure. 166 more words


Marketers Don't Understand Brand-Building In the Digital Age

Trend Summary: Marketers have “their heads in the sand” when it comes to understanding brand-building in the digital age.

That’s the opinion of Mark Addicks… 180 more words