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Marketers Increase Focus on Automated Media Buying

Trend Summary: A growing number of senior marketing executives admit to being inundated by technology.

Chief Marketing Officers within multinational public companies increasingly fear they are being overwhelmed by technology, as media silos crumble and data integrates to support marketing and advertising across different devices and channels. 22 more words


Adidas Inserts Customer Tracking Chip in Products

Trend Summary: Brands are now using radio frequency identification technology to track products from factory floor to retailer’s shelves and, ultimately, consumers’ homes.

Among the major brands currently using this near field communications tracking process is  28 more words


Digital Outdoor Ads Set to Go Mainstream

Trend Summary: Digital out of home advertising in the UK has grown exponentially, soaring from minnow to mammoth over the past five years and is now the key to the… 52 more words


Let’s humanise marketing automation

Marketing Automation is not an extinction level event for marketers

There is a growing belief among computer scientists that machines will soon reach the condition of “artificial general intelligence” and match humans in their intellectual capacity.  1,136 more words

Thought Leadership

Using PURLs to integrate print with digital

Let’s be honest: Print and electronic media are often seen as completely different beasts, with the respective print and digital teams working in their own silos. 454 more words


Is everyone missing the point in B2B marketing automation?

Marketing automation – a term you most likely have heard. And you probably have noticed that most of the marketing automation pep talk is rife with lead generation and lead nurturing. 452 more words

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Marketing Automation Market Update

The marketing automation sector has seen some significant growth over 2014 and into the new year as well. We are currently tracking over 650 companies in 11 categories across 36 countries, with a total of $6.65B in funding. 283 more words

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