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Active Campaign - Insource, then Outsource

I remember my first office.

Mimi was showing me around, she explained that we were going to have to share the office at first, but as soon as they finished the renovation, the office would be all mine. 1,196 more words


Marketing Automation Model for B2B SaaS Companies

Key takeaways at the bottom if you don’t like to read full blog posts!

Marketing Automation has been a big part of the marketing mix of successful companies for a few years now. 844 more words

Marketing Automation

Define Your Sales Motion First Before Applying Demand Generation

Challenge: When to Invest in Demand Generation?

Demand generation is a perennially ‘hot topic’ because every organization needs to ensure a consistent flow of prospects ongoing to ensure it can meet its sales objectives. 490 more words

Lead Generation Programs

MARKETING AUTOMATION STRATEGY: Companies are adopting marketing automation more aggressively than ever

95% of companies use or plan to use marketing automation.

Once thought of as just a “buzzword,” marketing automation is no longer a niche software only available to a select few. 593 more words

Going on the road this week to the Virginia Council of CEOs retreat

Pinch Hit Partners is a proud sponsor of the Virginia Council of CEOs. This week, we’ll be attending the Council’s annual CEO Retreat at the Homestead Resort. 51 more words

Network Marketing: How To Create a follow up system for best business networking

There is a lot of ground to cover between joining a network marketing company and enjoying the profitable results of a huge, effective network of your own. 622 more words


What's the difference between CRM, marketing automation and DMPs? | Econsultancy

Source: What’s the difference between CRM, marketing automation and DMPs? | Econsultancy

By Ben Davis @ Econsultancy

To somebody like me who hasn’t worked at the sharp end of customer relationship management (CRM), it can be confusing to consider the theory. 701 more words

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