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SME Marketing Hacks – How to develop an effective digital strategy

The recent explosion in digital marketing tools has made it very easy for small and medium sized enterprises to purchase or adopt one of these tools and begin using it to manage their marketing efforts. 862 more words

Lead Scoring - Points to Consider

Every company gets into the habit of prioritizing one lead over the other, during their sales and marketing activities. Often they do this, because they have a long list of leads and they do not have resources to interact with all of them. 515 more words


Elements of Effective Sales Automation

Managers  complain about complexity and broken communication even after buying an e-mail marketing cum leads management software. Sometimes it is because the choice of the software was very unsuitable for their work environment. 330 more words


Benefits of Sales Automation

If you are managing a growing business and if every month you are scaling up by either adding more resources or by adding more locations, you might be having  a steady increase in your operation costs and marketing costs.   196 more words


Should Marketing Automation Customers be Pre-Qualified?

For decades, the ONLY way to produce any type of printed material – ranging from sales & marketing brochures, to annual reports and informational flyers – involved a multi-step, time / people-intensive, costly process requiring a copywriter, graphic designer, a typesetter and a printing press. 1,065 more words

Increase Sales by Integrating Your Magento Store with Marketo

Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms and Marketo is one of the most preferred marketing automation platforms. More than 2,50,000 merchants all across the globe choose Magento as their e-commerce store, and on an average 51% of companies are presently using a marketing automation platform.


A sales automation tool to track your field staff

In any organization, a marketing team is generally organized under a marketing head, to whom a set of managers will report and there will be a team of field staff reporting to each.  391 more words