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The 25 Best Marketing Blogs

A recent Curata study found that 71% of marketers plan to boost content marketing spend in 2014. A lot more marketers are going to be adding content to the web in 2014, so where can we expect to find the best content? 3,221 more words


Marketing on Reddit: The Next Bold Move for Your Business

Despite what any good 50-bullet-point list of growth hacks will make you think, the ways to go about marketing aren’t endless: most of your options boil down to the simple act of selling yourself.  546 more words


The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing

Every network event you go to has that one hot word buzzing around. It’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue, at the forefront of each conversation. 1,449 more words


Dear Marketing Agencies of 2015: Clients Want to See Your Softer Side

Not too long ago, it was considered cool to be cold. Take the world of marketing and advertising, for instance. It used to be all about strategy and high-volume selling tactics. 547 more words


The Scientific Method for Data Organization

These days it’s hard to scroll through any news feed without stumbling across an article on how to get organized. Writers give their advice on which apps to use, where to meditate, and how many notebooks to have. 996 more words


5 Steps to Effective Business Copy Writing

When you are writing copy for a business blog, you need to communicate your expertise and market your services, both at the same time. The only brief you get while doing this exercise is : … 688 more words

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5 #Marketing blogs you should be following TODAY

#1. Cake
Innovative. Simple. Real-Time. The CAKE Marketing Intelligence hub offers a complete solution to track and optimize online spend for advertisers and publishers. You can find their blog… 89 more words