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The 3-Word Competitive Strategy for Middle-market Companies

In 1980 Michael Porter transformed the marketing world with his text on Competitive Strategy. It remains a brilliant work in its simplicity, a fundamental approach to analyzing the competitive landscape.  625 more words

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Why do essential oils differ in prices?

Why do some essential oils cost so much?

Essential oils come from different parts of a plants, the; leaves, stems, flowers, roots, seeds, and resins. Different plants produce different volumes of essential oil.   94 more words


What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are distilled or expressed aromatic extracts that are derived from a wide range of aromatic plants.  These aromatic extracts contain upwards of 50 different naturally occurring components that work synergistically within the botanical matrix of the plant, rendering it with the ability to protect, defend, attract and heal.   147 more words


Essential Oils: Debunking the cost and the purity issue

At Bespoke Aromatics we work with essential oils which are obtained from plant materials that are grown, harvested and distilled often in the country to which they are native.   210 more words

Essential Oils

Why do printers need an e-commerce solution?

We hear it every day – “Print is Dead!”  We see it pronounced on the news or the internet. And yes, we believe it. But print ISN’T dead. 521 more words


What is augmented reality, and how does it work in print?

Often, the perception of print is that it’s static – that it just gives you a single message – or maybe several messages – over a fixed media, and then, well, that’s it.   697 more words


Are you charging your customers enough?

Nearly every executive pays lip service to “shareholder value.” But many of them readily, if unwittingly, make business decisions that run counter to that objective. 493 more words

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