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Mobile Phone Usage Data Analytics for Effective Marketing Campaign

Insights gained from analyzing mobile phone usage data can be extremely valuable in marketing campaign and customer engagement efforts. For example, hour of the day when an user engages most with his or her mobile  device could be used to choose  the time to send a marketing message or email. 645 more words

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Four Questions to Ask Before Your Next Marketing Campaign

By Kelly Wright

There are many components to successful marketing campaigns but the most important is strategy. To ensure your campaign has the biggest impact, you need a solid foundation.

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Manchester - City of Sport

Sporting Capital of the UK. It is a title that many cities lay a claim to and Manchester is no different. In City and United, it is home to two of the biggest clubs in world football as well as a wealth of lower tier sides. 396 more words


What is digital marketing?

Capitalizing on online channels to enable your consumers interact and engage with your brand in a bid to create and increase its awareness and eventually convert to solid sales.

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Are You Measuring Marketing Success Based on these Core Metrics?

The ultimate success of your marketing campaigns comes down to a whole lot more than just how many total sales you’ve made, or how much revenue you’re bringing in each year. 559 more words

Location is interesting but context is a key

Over the last couple of years, advertisers have increasingly realised the value of mobile in the marketing mix. There are now fewer questions asked around the value of mobile advertising and it is considered a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. 659 more words

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It’s shocking to me how many terrible emails I still receive from sales professionals. Literally every day I receive at least 1-2 emails from sales reps pitching me their product/service that leave me completely dumbfounded. 1,027 more words

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