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Deadpool’s brilliant and unconventional marketing campaign

Whether you have or haven’t followed the videos, images and other online goodies that this marketing campaign has provided over the last ten months I’d highly suggest checking them out or revisiting them before going to see the movie this weekend. 145 more words

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Marketing campaign essentials


  1. Questions for your Organization (initial meeting)
  2. Marketing Campaign: the essentials – here is a list of the questions you should ask Michael in regard to Unicamp’s campaign next week…
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Be Embraced by Mana in Tahiti Tourisme Campaign

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Tahiti Tourisme has launched its latest global campaign and it all comes down to one word – Mana.

The emotive Embraced by Mana campaign hones in on Mana – the lifeforce and spirit of Polynesians – as a single word that evokes the people, culture and lifestyle of Tahiti. 171 more words

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Spending on Marketing

Marketing is one of the core entities in a business. For any business to grow it has to attract and retain clients. That is where a marketing campaign comes in. 252 more words

Marketing Campaign

How to translate customer data into fun & engaging content that drives sales.

It looks like the Californian govt. has taught an important lesson to the online communication world on digital privacy. Well, the current buzz is all about mandating warrant for access to any company’s digital information or data via public mobile devices – right from Gmail to Drop box. 425 more words

Marketing Campaign

Understanding Consumer Behavior (short and sweet)

Understanding consumer behavior seems like some kind of mythical operation that is only understood by the best physiologist who graduated from some top Ivy League school. 428 more words