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Gucci's New Marketing Campaign Gets Basic

In a high-end world, maybe it’s basic posts that will resonate with your audience the most.

Gucci started a new marketing campaign on Instagram turning its luxury brand into a cheeky meme. 569 more words

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This Girl Can

This week saw the release of the second This Girl Can advert, tackling the barriers faced by women trying to get active. The ‘This Girl Can’ campaign was first launched back in January 2015 to address the gender gap in those who are regularly actively involved in sport. 476 more words


Customer Profiling Services | Infographics

Averickmedia offers you more insight your customers and to help you identify and gain a deeper Understanding of your target market. Learn more about our customer profiling service. 76 more words

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How To Leap Begin Excess Weight Loss For Your Health

Everyone knows it’s a good idea to always stretch your muscles prior to exercising, but did you know stretching might also help reduce leg cramps? Here are some good tips to proper stretching that will lower your chances of getting leg cramps. 387 more words

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How To Get Paid to Instagram: The Secrets Behind Brand Ambassadors 

In the Aon Tower in Chicago, a woman turns to me and says that Tony the Tiger is inside, don’t be scared.

I walk into a room full of energy, and it’s just five adults on a Friday afternoon. 861 more words

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Air New Zealand Safety Video

With 50 million online views, the Air New Zealand safety video campaign has really taken off.


Airports are a pain. Frustration sets in before we even board our flights.   177 more words

Simple But Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand With Influencer Marketing

INFLUENCER marketing is the act of using popular people with large following counts and high engagement rates to market a brand’s products and services.

Influencers are most often bloggers, social media stars and in some cases, celebrities. 1,212 more words

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