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Get your "free" copy of Oracle's Saas for Dummies now

Oracle published under the “for Dummies” label a free-to-download eBook. Free? Well, it requires you to leave your business details. Click here to open the campaign page! 49 more words

SMMS tools: What are they, why do they matter & which ones are best for your brand

I’ve yet to really see a blogger or social SME cover the topic of SMMS tools, from a usage and best practices standpoint; so I figured, I would in this blog. 655 more words

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What the %?@! is the marketing cloud?!

The cloud is in the spotlight this week after over 100 unsuspecting celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked and nude photos revealed for the world to see.  464 more words

Stop Losing Customers By Doing This One Simple Thing

As they say, there is a reason you have two ears and one mouth. This is especially true for those of us in social customer care, where listening is so critical. 732 more words

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The logic behind Microsoft buying Sitecore?

As the marketing technology arena hots up with the big players like Oracle, SAP, IBM, Salesforce and Google all snapping up “new marketing tech” companies, you ask yourself, why hasn’t Microsoft made a move for Sitecore to strengthen it’s “marketing cloud” portfolio. 310 more words

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Oracle Eloqua and Integrate Partner to Facilitate Customer Acquisition

A few months back, we published a series of posts titled “Platform Wars,” in which I suggested that marketer needs would dictate whether all-inclusive marketing suites or platforms open to third-party solutions would come to dominate. 571 more words

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Somewhere a Cloud is Serving Up Marketing to You (and Your Competitors)

The pace of change in marketing technology during the past 10 years is astonishing. It used to be (and probably still is, to some extent) that the big challenge in enterprises was getting the sales team and the marketing team to play nice together. 724 more words

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