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How to check whether Subscriber email is hard bounced or not from salescloud

Hard bounce and Date Bounce fields are in Invidual Email Results object(V5 Connector integration with Salesforce) from marketing cloud Managed package

1. In Salesforce go to your contacts tab… 61 more words


List Detective in marketing Cloud

List Detective is a proprietary Marketing Cloud database of bad email addresses that your Lists are “scrubbed” against whenever they’re imported. Removes common typos and known bad domains from imported subscriber list data (or at time of send for Data Extensions) 90 more words


Salesforce Summer ’17 Release: Blazing a Trail to Business Productivity

Salesforce Summer ’17 release is built around empowering businesses to work faster and smarter with expanded Lightning products and Einstein intelligence. This release consists of amazing performance innovation, 300+ new features and powerful integration across the customer success platforms to help businesses improve productivity. 11 more words


Learn About Studios Quiz

  1. Email Studio Sends:
    1. Generic, non-customizable content
    2. Personalized and relevant content to subscribers
    3. Emails to your entire contact list only
    4. Plain text emails only
  2. Which Studio would you use to send a push notification to a customer?
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Learn About Builders Quiz

  1. Content Builder allows you to:
    1. Create a coordinated customer journey
    2. Continuously sync cross-channel profiles
    3. Create reusable blocks of content
    4. Present predictive content to customers
  2. How can you use Marketing Cloud builders to engage with your customers?
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Learn how Email Studio and Journey Builder work together Quiz

  1. Which product started Marketing Cloud?
    1. Marketing Cloud Connect
    2. Email Studio
    3. Journey Builder
    4. Social Studio
  2. How might you use Email Studio and Journey Builder to engage your employees?
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Learn How Mobile Studio, Social Studio and Content Builder work together Quiz

  1. How can you use Mobile Studio and Social Studio to engage your customers?
    1. For technical instruction
    2. To send them their login information
    3. For customer service…
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