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Impress one and all, off-the-shelf !

During the recent times, year-after-year, over 90 percent of new product launches turn into damp squibs.

Ever wondered why?

The reason, according to research, is simple: very few potential consumers have the time or energy or both to weigh the comparative pros and cons of the products in their shopping carts. 95 more words


Efek Sinetron GO BMX

Tayangan televisi begitu banyak memberikan efek kepada penontonnya, terutama anak-anak yang dapat dengan mudah menyerap apa saja informasi yang didapatkan dari melihat, mendengar televisi. Salah satunya adalah sinetron… 236 more words

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Zombie Belajar Marketing: Istilah ATL & BTL

Tanggal 4 sampai 5 November kemarin gue dapet kesempatan ikut kelas public training Integrated Marketing Communication di MarkPl*s. Di hari pertama, totally gue belajar kayak… 434 more words

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Is Social Media a Hidden Opportunity for Brand Marketers?

YES, Social Media is a hidden opportunity for Brand Advertisers to target their prospective customer based on interests, behaviour, Geographic’s, Demographics, etc., with access to various Statistics and Trends of your campaign that helps to optimise your campaign more efficiency and relevantly and add value to targeted advertising. 399 more words


64 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost

Source: http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/06/12/marketing-ideas

We’ve all hit it – that wall that seems to sap away all your magical creative marketing juices. Suddenly you feel like Peter Pan without his pixie dust. 3,538 more words


4 Things Marketers Need To Know To Knock Their Content Marketing Out Of The Park

Believe it or not, marketers have a lot in common with athletes. They always look for a competitive edge, they strive to beat their previous numbers, and they constantly fight for their team to be in the spotlight. 557 more words

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Work | Nurses Hall of Fame

Cleveland Clinic is known for delivering world class care to some of the sickest patients in the world. Credit for that excellent care is owed, in part, to the 11,000 nurses who work across the health system. 43 more words

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