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The following content is my sole contribution part of my group assessment one in class ALR310, for study purpose also.

Target Market Segmentation

Naturalists… 1,361 more words

Ask a GP: Can an IUD affect my libido?

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It’s more than 99 percent effective, lasts for up to 10 years, and could even let you skip your periods \u2013 but this is the reality about the impact on your sex drive. 2,630 more words


Using Sentiment Analysis for Marketing Communication

From weddings to revolution, social media is where some stories get created, while others get warped. That being the case, what happens when the key product you are promoting on social media is a story? 672 more words

Digital Marketing

Free products : the new ad

We know it : advertising is everywhere. CompaniesĀ must compete fiercely to attract the eyeballs and undivided attention of consumers with ads always more and more original and funny in the hope to go viral. 581 more words



The following content is used only for ALR310 WEEK TWO.

Tangible and Intangible Elements of a Brand

Basically, brands represent intangible promises that to some extent appear to be tangible. 1,176 more words


ļ»æAre you really playing catch or are you just throwing?

People regularly ask me if I am a full-time blogger. This always makes me laugh. I assume that would mean that I blog 24-hours a day. 462 more words


Antara Tiang Listrik, Toyota Fortuner dan Nissan X Trail Active Trace Control

Kecelakaan Setya Novanto yang belakangan ini menjadi heboh, ternyata memiliki dampak yang ā€œmencideraiā€ brand image produk andalan Toyota yakni Toyota Fortuner. Salah satu pesaing utama Toyota Fortuner, yakni Nissan diduga ā€œmemanfaatkanā€ kejadian ini untuk sedikit mempengaruhi persepsi bahwa Nissan X Trail, menghadirkan rasa aman yang lebih baik melalui Nissan Active Trace Control. 332 more words

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