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Marketing Management 2017 : Keep Your Eyes on the Big Picture

When we set out to write The Marketing Director’s Handbook our aim was to advance marketing management. The challenge has not diminished. It has increased. The digital revolution and associated media diversification adds extra complexity in managing search and social media. 1,049 more words

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Husqvarna Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Review

  1. IntroductionHusqvarna Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer Review is about Husqvarna Gas Powered Trimmer 122HD45 refurbished. The Gas trimmer is manufactured by Husqvarna a company in the United States of America.
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108 Unique Mother's Day gifts





108 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

What is Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day is the day mothers allover the world are appreciated. Children both young and mature will get out of their way to say Thank You Mum on this day as a remembrance of the great task of having been brought up by their mothers. 3,000 more words

Five Things that You Can Do Today To Convert Customers Into Promoters

Customers are people who patronize services or buy goods of a company. The repeat customer are most valuable to the firm since the benefits of serving them outway the costs of attracting new customers. 692 more words

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Customer Success can improve customer churn

Customer Churn
This is simply put high customer defection. According to Sanjay Bhashin (2015) in his book “Lean Management Beyond Manufacturing : A holistic approach ” churn informs us the percentage of our customers or users that abandon our service over time. 1,060 more words

Tech marketers, can we PLEASE stop making up technology terms

I was reading an article from a 1975 issue of The Harvard Business Review about the long-term ROI benefits of increasing competitive market share. The report proved that increasing total market share dramatically drops marketing expenses, improves profitability and increases product price-points and sales. 952 more words

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The Power of A/B Testing: The Difference Small Changes Can Make for Your Marketing

Marketing is a decision-based world. At any given moment, you’ve got a variety of options floating in front of you. Which of those two headlines should you use in your next e-mail? 521 more words