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Our Products: Where & How

All of the above mentions treats and goodies will be baked, made or imported from local farms and cottage industries. As all businesses do we seek a profit however improving the local economy, creating jobs and lowering unemployment by 3% all fall under our five year plan/contract. 32 more words

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Our Management Style

Personally I believe our business flourishes under the Laissez-Faire management style.  I, the manager, allow the staff and employees to run our shop and am therefore allowing them a sense of liberty to a degree however, they may not notice, I am constantly watching and analysing their behavior, the shops success and whether or not we are living up to our mission and hopefully our vision.

Marketing Management

Management Styles

1.) Autocratic Management:

An autocratic management style is one where the manager makes decisions unilaterally, and without much regard for subordinates. As a result, decisions will reflect the opinions and personality of the manager, which in turn can project an image of a confident, well-managed business. 93 more words

Marketing Management

How to Develop Strategies for Students to Attend the Classroom?

Attending classroom is quite necessary if you want to be thriving in school. You will be unable to learn the knowledge that you desire to learn if you are not there. 506 more words