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Success of a business depends on how it is acceptable by people. Marketing is that part of business which deals directly with customers or people. 641 more words

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Twitch.TV and The Power of Creating a Community

Since not everyone quite knows what Twitch.tv is yet, here’s a quick description. Twitch.tv is a social video platform with live streaming of video games, video game culture, and creative arts such as cooking and programming. 959 more words


Technology Marketing is Math: Our Top 30 Marketing Metrics

As a student, I loved math and science. I was born with an inquisitive mind and a wicked streak of skepticism and found the requirements of mathematical proof and the laws of science just made sense. 1,160 more words

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Marketing Attribution – Worth the Effort?

Challenge: Considering the Challenges of Marketing Attribution, How Deep Should You Go?

Marketing attribution is a hot topic. You need to know which programs are worth the effort and expense and marketing must demonstrate its contribution to revenue. 663 more words

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Oh Happy Days! What’s the true value of loyalty?

What’s the true value of loyalty?

This week I received a greeting card in the post. It’s not my birthday or anyway near our wedding anniversary. 160 more words

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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trigger the Extinction of the Modern Marketer?

I’m reading an interesting book right now called “Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era” by James Barrat. The central theme is that we will develop artificial intelligence (AI) to the point where computers will not only be as intelligent as humans, but will evolve past us. 1,492 more words

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