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When I was starting my own business (a couple of decades ago and prior to the internet) books, classes, finding mentor were the way to learn business development and marketing.  163 more words

5% rise above the competition: Implement your strategy

Only 5% of companies execute their strategies. – Doug Dvorak

You ponder, plan, create action lists and strategies for hours. You can probably point to at least one strategic plan created for sales, operations, growth, expansion, start-up, a new product launch or hiring additional employees that you toiled over and then just set aside and went on with business-as-usual. 37 more words

Business Planning & Strategy

How to get away with Brand Murder

Brands live and die by the sword of consumers… we sometimes…no, almost always over estimate the value that consumers place on our brand.

Unfortunately most consumers don’t live for our brands but with our brands and that is why it’s quite easy for us to kill them. 901 more words


Where to Start

Have you ever looked at a project, personal or work-related, and felt completely overwhelmed? I’m sure we can all relate to that feeling of wanting to just throw up your hands and bail but then the project doesn’t get completed and then everything snowballs. 120 more words


Recession Be Damned

Since most of us have  received an engraved invitation to participate in the global recession, we should consider proper etiquette.   For one thing, we should stop spending money on fancy espresso drinks at the local coffee bar.  316 more words

How to Ensure your Ingenious Marketing Plan Doesn't Become an Epic Fail

I recently put the finishing touches on a few strategic marketing and communications plans for some pretty terrific clients.

Maybe you’ve just completed your strategic plan too… 570 more words

What Do You Do to be Memorable?

There were 3 examples I came across this week where a professional made an impression on a client. Not everyone realizes this, but this is marketing. 513 more words