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4 Ways Market Research Helps Your Business

Market research represents a number of activities conducted in order to gather valuable information about customers and competition. It is commonly done by businesses that want to get more familiar with their target groups. 899 more words


Recession Be Damned

Since most of us have  received an engraved invitation to participate in the global recession, we should consider proper etiquette.   For one thing, we should stop spending money on fancy espresso drinks at the local coffee bar.  316 more words

Plan for Success!


Pilots file a flight plan – Developers require blueprints prior to building – Generals create battle plans – AND SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES UTILIZE MARKETING PLANS, BUSINESS PLANS, AND COMMUNICATION PLANS. 222 more words

Do you want to eat carrots ALL of your life? Diversify your marketing plan.

The Internet is full of “experts” ready to help you create the perfect marketing plan. I am not an expert but a realist.  I know that unless you plan and set goals, you are like an exercise bike—you are pedaling hard but getting nowhere. 617 more words

3 Ways You Can Cut The Costs Of A Small Business Marketing Strategy

Having the right marketing strategy can help drive customers to your business. It will generate a buzz around your company, and promote your products or services. 498 more words


i have developed successful

I have developed successful marketing plans and/or communication strategies for education-related services including, most recently, the section at that government department. Previously I developed communications and stakeholder engagement plans for the service, communications and marketing plans for my publishing company and the short course program.

A Response

Online Services That Can Boost Your Small Business

Starting up a small business can be scary! After all, there are a lot of big business out there that have been doing it a lot longer than you have. 500 more words