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What does truth mean?

In marketing the term truth is a buzz word banded around so often that I think it may have lost its meaning. In this case, us marketeers are talking about ‘truth to brand’ and ensuring that messages align with the image that that brand wants to project. 97 more words


Bahaya jika Yamaha terlalu lama di Comfort Zone!!

motorrio.com – Kontroversi mesin Yamaha SOHC 150cc yang sampai sekarang belum diupgrade, entah dengan teknologi terkini atau yang paling ekstrem mengganti total desain mesinnya, seharusnya menjadi alarm tanda bahaya buat Yamaha!! 221 more words

Motor Baru

Strategi Honda: PaLuGaDa!!

motorrio.com – Honda, merk Jepang satu ini memang fenomenal, utamanya di industri otomotif dunia. Didirikan oleh Soichiro Honda, melalui Honda Corporation pada 1948, sekarang sudah menjadi raksasa industri utamanya otomotif. 348 more words


What Type of Marketing Cry-Baby are You?

When a client complained to me recently about the difficulty of competing against larger companies, I had a flashback to when my kids were in grade school. 903 more words

Wooww....beli rumah dapat istri?? Mau??

motorrio.com – Pas liat iklan yang terdeteksi di Surakarta ini, MR melongo bin ndlongop!! Gimana ngga, mosok beli rumah dapat ISTRI?? Mau dunk!! Ga perlu susah-susah nyari istri buat menemani keseharian kita dunk!! 126 more words


…plan, plan plan!

If you are struggling to maintain your presence on social media, find the time to update your blog and feel that your constantly chasing your tail with your newsletter, you need to set aside some time and plan, plan, plan. 79 more words

New Year Resolutions

This month, I have been giving you tasks to help you build your digital marketing strategy into 2016. I have told you of the importance of planning ahead, but, have you made plans for next month? 76 more words

New Year Resolutions