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When It Comes to Content Marketing, SEO is Only Half the Story

Content marketing—it is the big buzzword right now, but exchanging valuable information about products, services and causes has existed since humans first started selling their wares centuries ago. 479 more words

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9 Rules of Engagement--Social Media Engagement, That is!

I loved the show Rules of Engagement, but I’m not writing about the constant battle of the sexes in today’s blog post.

Let’s cover, instead, the rules of… 485 more words

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Outsourcing Your Marketing Doesn’t Mean Disowning It

Here at Charisma Ink, we’re passionate about helping business owners build and protect their brands and brand assets. That’s why one of the first things we do when engaging with a new client is to address one of the most grievous errors small business owners tend to make when they outsource all or part of their marketing: Giving the keys to the store away. 461 more words

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Make Stock Photos Your Own (& Stock Photo Sources)

I must admit, I’m not always a big fan of stock photos. This past week I saw a website for a fashion boutique that looked like it was covered in stock photos from the 90s. 270 more words

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Make truth your guiding principle

Honesty is the best policy. It’s one you’ve probably heard before. Here’s another one – the old ones are the best.

While this isn’t a new concept if you’ve been watching any of the coverage of the British General Election recently you would think the concept of truth is an alien concept for those standing for election. 406 more words


B2B Marketing Strategy for the Social Era

Over the past few months, I’ve begun to realise that there’s a great deal of confusion about the difference between strategy and plans, goals and objectives, and the tactics that deliver them. 425 more words

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Just Listen! Why We Avoid Real Customer Engagement

In business—and especially in marketing—we tend to make a lot of noise. We’re always looking for the best way to “get the word out,” but we often view marketing as a one-way street. 424 more words

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