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Keep it simple. Keep it human.

Some believe that the more complex you can make something sound, the more intelligent you will assume the designer is.

If the years I have spent in the manufacturing sector has taught me anything it is to focus on the simplicity of it all. 279 more words

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Dealing with the Digital Skills Gap

With the amount of technology now available and the pace of change it’s never been as challenging for anyone working in marketing to understand all of the channels that are available when trying to get your product or service to market. 454 more words

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7 Reasons Why Bad Website Design Decisions Get Made

I cam across this great post on why bad website design decisions get made (published on the Tribute Media website).

Of the 7 points that are made there is a common theme that runs through them all. 634 more words

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Building a Thought-Leadership Strategy That Lasts – World Economic Forum - Davos 2015

Davos, Switzerland is the home of the World Economic Forum (WEF) where this year 2,500 of the world’s elite from 140 countries gathered for five days at the end of January as they have yearly since 1971 to develop agreements for worldwide cooperation in a number of subject areas. 547 more words

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Why Build an Email List and How to Get Started

It feels like such a basic concept to me that I’m always amazed when I ask a prospect or client if they have an email list, and they exclaim in surprise, “No, but that’s a great idea!” 883 more words

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Viral isn't a valuable endgame

It seems that everyone is searching for the silver bullet that will allow them to create viral campaigns at will. I think this is a problem. 1,056 more words

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Ad Review: Highland Spring

As a creative, I’m always torn between what I think looks cool and what I think makes sense for a brief. My position though is always start with the meaningful message and then build something beautiful around it. 256 more words