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What do the best marketeers all have in common?

Over the decades marketing has changed. The tools we use have changed. The delivery mechanism for our messages has changed. Our audience has changed. Fonts, colours, design trends change so often that it can be hard to keep up. 641 more words


5 Marketing Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Mistakes are bound to happen…to err is human after all, but this list is not devoted to the minor typo or the campaign that just never quite got off the ground. 587 more words

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What's your most effective lead generation tool?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. It’s just a question. What’s your most effective lead generation tool?

Of the many functions that we as marketers are involved with I personally believe that lead generation is the single most important activity. 718 more words


How to Diagnose Your Funnel to Create Predictable Growth

Why wouldn’t you click on a headline that includes the words ‘predictable growth’?

It’s what we’re aiming for every day – a way of optimising the sales funnel so that we are able to confidently predict what our sales numbers will look like in the future. 156 more words


Persona development for a new level of customer insight

The development of customer personas isn’t a new concept but it’s definitely undergoing a bit of a renaissance at the minute. There are endless articles extolling the virtues of the activity as a way to gain really meaningful customer insights and to identify the areas where there is a knowledge gap today needs to be filled. 1,738 more words


How to Beat the Market ...

Top-performing companies actively build a culture that’s customer-focused, managed for the long-term, creative, confident, flexible, and fast-moving. While transforming marketing and sales capabilities to drive growth is not easy, many companies have difficulty simply knowing where to start. 26 more words

Marketing Strategy

Put Your Marketing Woes to Rest By Going to BED

One of the most unappreciated truths about effective communication, whether it be a social media campaign, an employee education program, or an investor pitch is that it takes time, tenacity, and of course, talent. 643 more words

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