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Beli Benelli dapat tiket nonton MotoGP!!

motorrio.com – Masih ingat dengan promo beli motor Benelli dapat tiket nonton MotoGP Sepang 2016 di Surabaya Auto Show 2016 kemarin? Kabar baiknya program ini dilanjutkan lagi!! 122 more words

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7 Signs that You're NOT a Thought Leader

Thought Leadership is perhaps the most widely used and consistently abused strategy in professional services marketing. There’s diverse opinion regarding what it is, and fuzzy expectations with respect to its benefits. 762 more words

Merdeka (Dari Angsuran Mahal)!!!

motorrio.com – Yamaha Jawa Timur punya program promo nih dalam rangka menyambut hari kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia yang ke – 71. Mau tau apa programnya?? “Merdeka Dari Angsuran Mahal”!! 101 more words

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4 principles of marketing to convergent channels

Many companies think of themselves as ‘omni-channel’ or ‘multi-channel’ in the way they describe their contacts with customers and prospects.

But in fact, often there is only ONE way that they really put forth any true effort. 1,123 more words

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And The BEST automotive advertising so far of this DECADE is....

Honda. Of course.

They don’t Jon Hamm’s voiceover but machts nicht. They have a hugely creative effort that was put out in 2015 and still amazes today. 820 more words

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And the worst automotive advertising of the 2017 season is...

And the worst automotive advertising of the season is…GM.

Why am i not surprised? The big American brands have had mediocre advertising strategies for years, and they throw money at wide mass markets instead of using smart targeted marketing to find their true audience. 412 more words

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Blue Core Yamaha Motor Show 2016, ada apa saja??

motorrio.com –  Yamaha yang di wilayah Jawa Timur dikomando oleh Yamaha STSJ Surabaya, tampaknya tidak ingin tahta motor sport yang selama bertahun-tahun digenggam lepas ke tangan kompetitor. 252 more words

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