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How to Rise Above Your Competitors

The three biggest challenges that industrial marketers face: Limited marketing resources, generating enough high quality leads for sales and increased competition. The first two are perennial challenges, the third a more recent trend. 729 more words

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Give Your 2018 Marketing Plan a Final Tune-Up

Whatever point you’re at in your 2018 marketing planning, the “2018 Industrial Marketing Planning Kit” can help. This guide offers advice, tools and tips to efficiently target your audience of engineers and technical professionals and get the most out of your marketing efforts. 635 more words

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SME Owners: Social Media Marketing is your secret weapon to success

IIf you are the owner of an SME and think that social media marketing is something good to have only when you have the time and budget to look into it, you will want to read this.  597 more words

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How to Succeed with Limited Marketing Resources

Marketers report that their biggest challenge is a lack of marketing resources—dollars, people and time. This is one of the key findings in the upcoming 2017 Industrial Marketing Trends survey conducted by IEEE… 685 more words

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5 Lead Nurturing Staples to Drive Sales

Studies have shown that 70 percent of new business can come from long term leads.

To have a high rate of success at converting long term leads, companies must be able to optimize these five important lead nurturing processes. 641 more words

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Should Marketing Automation Customers be Pre-Qualified?

For decades, the ONLY way to produce any type of printed material – ranging from sales & marketing brochures, to annual reports and informational flyers – involved a multi-step, time / people-intensive, costly process requiring a copywriter, graphic designer, a typesetter and a printing press. 1,065 more words

How to Connect with Younger Engineers

As a marketer, you likely have long-term relationships with many seasoned engineers who are in leadership roles and in a position to influence decisions and make purchases. 703 more words

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