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How to write a marketing strategy

Design the perfect plan Internet marketing to make money, maybe even enough money to be able to quit your job, it can be a very complicated matter. 30 more words

Marketing Strategy

Should You ask Permission to Market?

Everyone despises commercials. It’s true, don’t even try to deny it! There is not one single person who would rather listen to a commercial than jam out to a new song. 638 more words

Executive Summary For Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing action plan law firm six months is a crucial step in your marketing efforts to attract quality legal clients. This can be a time consuming task that many lawyers recklessly choose to skip. 21 more words

Marketing Strategy

5 Ways to Monetize Your Content

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being invited down to Microsoft in Playa Del Rey for the Authentic Marketing Conference. 100+ bloggers, marketers, and influencers came from all over the Los Angeles area to hear from several panels of top people in our industry . 492 more words

Marketing Strategy

7 Costly Mistakes Digital Marketers Make

7 Costly Mistakes Digital Marketers Make Daily – Digital marketing isn’t easy. There’s no denying that. Setting up your online presence, driving traffic, converting the traffic to customers, and thereafter delighting your customers is not an easy task.  25 more words

Marketing Strategy

What is the Mix Market Definition

1. Definition A reverse mortgage, also known as a mortgage Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is a low-interest loan using a home equity as collateral and is only available to homeowners senior. 18 more words

Marketing Strategy

Big Mistakes in Trying to Close That Sale

The Big Mistakes and Negatives

There are mistakes that you learn to avoid as you gain experience in sales and marketing.

These mistakes can be related to how you deliver your sales pitch using your chosen media, or they can be mistakes made because you choose words or phrases that experienced sales professionals know to have a negative effect on the prospect. 489 more words