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Marketing Strategy Event

This Saturday we hosted our Marketing Strategy Competition and are glad to say it was a success! Some AMA members and even Sales Society members attended the event. 274 more words


New Facebook scrapbook feature. (Be organized on your marketing strategies).

Most of the time when I browse Facebook, I find it so cluttered.  Much information here and there. When you go to your pictures, everything is so messy.  472 more words

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Strategy is Making The Choice

Roger Martin sums up beautifully what strategy is:

The very essence of strategy is explicit, purposeful choice.

Strategy is saying explicitly, proactively: “We’re going to do these things and not those things for these reasons.” 104 more words


The beauty of email marketing is still stunning

Check out the number of emails you receive from marketers within a day. Probably not a few. The thing is, many of us still choose to obtain the latest informations of brands via email. 799 more words

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AdWeek: A Glimpse Into the Millennial Mind: Preferred Tech, Products and Brand Engagement

Today, AdWeek ran portions of our soon-to-be-released study on the Millennial Mindset.

Here is a glimpse of the full report to come.

Please do note, there was an error in the first print of the infographic.  17 more words

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How to Diagnose Your Funnel to Create Predictable Growth

Why wouldn’t you click on a headline that includes the words ‘predictable growth’?

It’s what we’re aiming for every day – a way of optimising the sales funnel so that we are able to confidently predict what our sales numbers will look like in the future. 155 more words

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Should you invest in Product, Sales, or Marketing?

Imagine the sales call…

When someone calls you to discuss a product you just signed up for, how do you feel? Depending upon where you are in your buyer’s journey, you might welcome the call, feel ambivalent, or be annoyed that the company called you at all (especially if you haven’t yet given them your phone number). 1,374 more words

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