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A Note From Our Owner: Buzzwords That Should Die

I’m pretty sure it’s just because I’m over the age of 30 (okay… 40….. or….), but Buzzwords are this thing in business that resonates with me like a mosquito that shows up on a muggy day and won’t go away. 528 more words

Social Media

Lights, Camera, Action – Part II

This week was far less stressful.  Why?  Because I took the valuable lesson I learned from last week – not waiting until the last minute to complete a project and implemented it.  1,458 more words


Ready for the next revolution?

Just when you thought the internet had disrupted our world along came blockchain.
Here’s a nifty infographic to show just some of what is on the horizon…

Amazing Selling Machine Review Coaching Sales - Most Current 4 Secrets To Increase Your Coaching Sales

The Amazing Selling Machine We always suggest that you take a closer take a look at the effective business. Show me a person without an issue and you have a person that doesn’t have to buy anything! 558 more words

All Marketers Must Be Strategy Focused

Strategy is inherently linked to marketing. It’s impossible to generate good marketing that actually gets you the return you want without a solid strategy. You may not have always focused on your strategy, but it’s never too late to start. 452 more words


The Art of Customer Service - Amazing your customer with every transaction

As important as branding and advertising is, one of the most important elements of selling a product / service is customer service. Excellent customer service puts your business ahead of the competition as it is something that is often missing from the Ghanaian business model. 894 more words

Marketing Strategy

For this post I will be discussing something that almost every business should have, and it should be one of the first things you design and build when you create your business. 615 more words