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Twitter Success

One of the least utilized business marketing tools, in my opinion. Twitter is more of your short and sweet posts. Interesting one liners are great for twitter, users can easily re-tweet your post so all of their friends can see. 68 more words

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Pinterest Success

Have some fun with your marketing! Using Pinterest to create engaging photo advertisements, will spread your product around immensely. Pinterest is great for those pictures or phrases that people will want to share with all of their friends. 66 more words

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Facebook Success

Facebook can be an amazing tool for the success and growth of your business. It does not need to be as time consuming as you may think. 76 more words

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Instagram Success

Instagram will be a great way for you to create an image for your company. It will be great for directly connecting with your customers. Instagram is best for entertaining your customers, holding contests, and building an image/vibe around your business. 135 more words

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3 Ways to Create a Unique Voice for Your Content Marketing

by Angela Kambarian, President of Essential Communications


Dear business professional:

When it comes to the tone of your voice, it’s not necessarily what you say that matters, but rather… 706 more words

Shrewsbury College marketing team wins national sector award

The marketing team at Shrewsbury College is celebrating after scooping a top national award for its higher education campaign in the annual prestigious College Marketing Network Awards. 649 more words

Puréed water

My nieces founded a lemonade stand,

With pine planks it looked surprisingly grand.

They sold lemonade, water and advice,

The lemonade was tasty and the advice quite nice. 124 more words

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