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Full Time Marketers vs. Pick-n-Choose

Making the decision to hire a marketing professional for your business means that you’ve arrived that the point where you need more than you can do yourself. 500 more words

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Pokémon Go – an opportunity for brands to be relevant

To say Pokémon Go spread like wildfire is an understatement. In just a week since its launch, it already surpassed more active daily users than Twitter, people are spending more time in Pokémon than in Facebook’s app, and it’s on more phones than Tinder. 369 more words

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Building A Dream Team

The goal in network marketing is to build your team AKA “down-line” Many new network marketers just try and get everyone they possibly can into their business, instead of building a strong foundation. 81 more words

Why employing one marketer in a business is a bad idea

A common scenario:

A business that has reached a desired level of profitability needs additional marketing resource, and now can afford it. So they take the logical next step by employing a marketing professional to join the business.  302 more words

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Is Marketing Left or Right?

It is a proven fact left brain people are logical, sequential , decisive, number lovers and right brain people are creative, artistic, intuitive and colour enthusiasts.   266 more words

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Marketing Skills Your Team Must Have

Marketing is, essentially, about getting your brand out there, into the big wide world and getting people to know about you and what it is you do. 570 more words

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