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Full Time Marketers vs. Pick-n-Choose

Making the decision to hire a marketing professional for your business means that you’ve arrived that the point where you need more than you can do yourself. 500 more words

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Building A Dream Team

The goal in network marketing is to build your team AKA “down-line” Many new network marketers just try and get everyone they possibly can into their business, instead of building a strong foundation. 81 more words

Why employing one marketer in a business is a bad idea

A common scenario:

A business that has reached a desired level of profitability needs additional marketing resource, and now can afford it. So they take the logical next step by employing a marketing professional to join the business.  302 more words

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Is Marketing Left or Right?

It is a proven fact left brain people are logical, sequential , decisive, number lovers and right brain people are creative, artistic, intuitive and colour enthusiasts.   266 more words

Left Brain