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Is Marketing Left or Right?

It is a proven fact left brain people are logical, sequential , decisive, number lovers and right brain people are creative, artistic, intuitive and colour enthusiasts.   266 more words

Left Brain

Marketing Skills Your Team Must Have

Marketing is, essentially, about getting your brand out there, into the big wide world and getting people to know about you and what it is you do. 570 more words

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Natalie is a roving foster care & marketing volunteer. She has a six year-old adopted cat “with personality”…pretty bad personality, so she gets her petting quota filled at the cattery instead. 35 more words

Foster Care Team


Ivana is a Foster Care Volunteer at Love Kuching. Away from her day job in marketing in the banking industry, she loves to cook and research new recipes. 22 more words

Marketing Team


Faizal is a Communications Volunteer at Love Kuching. He is a print & web designer at a media company by day, a serious foodie by night and an all-day cat lover. 42 more words

Marketing Team


Sarah is a Communications Volunteer at Love Kuching. An avid writer, she blogs on Seriously Sarah, http://www.seriouslysarah.com/blog, about her adventures around Singapore; you can reliably find her at geekish cosplay events locally. 36 more words

Marketing Team