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Teamwork makes the dream work.

My coworker announced he is going to be a new dad and that he is moving to a different company. We are all happy for him and sad for ourselves because he will no longer be working with us. 437 more words


Of Course We Fixed It

It’s not every day that one of us has to crawl under a counter to work on plumbing but believe it when we say there is no typical day on a marketing tour!   193 more words

Mobile Tours

doodleblue Innovations: mobile app development company in India

Make an app for your purpose. Why use some app when you have your app? Request a quote on Native and Hybrid apps with Blockchain, IoT and AI! 25 more words

doodleblue Innovations: wearable app development company in India

Why buy a wearable when you cannot use it fully? doodleblue tweaks apps according to your need. From Google Glasses to Apple’s smart watches, the R&D provides a solution for every need. 31 more words

Next level Digital Experiences - Ideas that are potential money spinners

Digital experience is a rising concept in the marketing scene which tracks and infers with the experiences that a user has, with any digital touch point whether be a website, app or wearable. 499 more words

Building The Ultimate Marketing Dream Team: A Guide For Business Owners

As a business owner, at some point in time, you will need to have a serious think about marketing. And even if you have a few smart ideas knocking around your brain, the reality is that your efforts are far more likely to be successful using experienced and savvy marketers. 1,009 more words

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Ribs and Burgers

Hi Affiliates,

we finally had a so-called “Marketing Dinner” again. This means that a member of our Marketing team organizes a small trip or dinner for the team. 354 more words

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