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Marketing Techniques to Target a Local Market

Local marketing requires a slightly different approach than traditional marketing. Though, it offers plenty of benefits. Targeting a local market is similar to niche marketing. You’re narrowing your focus to help increase conversion rates. 581 more words


23 Marketing Techniques That Cost You Time, Not Money

Here is the common situation of many startups. They have no money, but they have to do marketing.

What’s to be done? Instead of focusing on costly marketing methods, such startups must focus on low-budget marketing hacks. 1,835 more words

Marketing Tools

How To Grow Your Business Online, The Right Way

Learning the art of how to increase your business isn’t just a valuable goal, it is in fact an essential necessity for the survival and economic well-being for your business. 825 more words

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Oogave Soda Carrier Box - Good Company Marketing

Here’s a great marketing effort from Colorado-based Oogave.  I just really enjoy their run at this from a branding and marketing perspective.  Here’s the product box: 56 more words


"Indie Marketing Techniques"- a reflection

The thing that really stood out to me in the lecture was the positioning content, and then when we went through the competitive variance activity in the tutorial. 306 more words

Are You A Real Author? Part III

This four part blog asks you four questions and addresses each. Here is the third question:


Another way of saying this is, Do you have fans? 447 more words


Tips on how to sell your home faster

How to sell your home faster?

How we do marketing these days?

How can we plan to have best marketing techniques in real estate and the things that we need to cover? 534 more words