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Are You A Real Author? Part III

This four part blog asks you four questions and addresses each. Here is the third question:


Another way of saying this is, Do you have fans? 447 more words


Tips on how to sell your home faster

How to sell your home faster?

How we do marketing these days?

How can we plan to have best marketing techniques in real estate and the things that we need to cover? 534 more words

Are your Associations Mutually Beneficial and Productive

Question:  Are the relationships that you work so hard day in and day out to cultivate really worth the massive time and effort that you put into them? 444 more words

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Book Marketing: Blogging

Obviously I believe in blogging. But how about blogging as a marketing tool?

There are several reasons for blogging:

  1. For the fun of it.
  2. To be helpful to others.
  3. 457 more words

Using Marketing Techniques to Catch Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals, more often than not, use tried and true online marketing techniques to reach their customers.

  • Did you know that scammers create attractive websites just to add suckers to their mailing lists?
  • 371 more words

Hosting Your Website

There are different ways of studying this subject. Some are much more technical than this blog will be. So for a detailed plan of action on hosting, then I suggest you Google ‘hosting your website.’ 869 more words


Snapchat Marketing Techniques

Everyone is talking about it- the new rage and using the platform Snapchat to market their business. In fact, I’ve recently seen quite a few posts and people offering training on how to use this new platform. 211 more words