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The Road to Successful Marketing

With all the marketing resources available to us today, you would think marketing would be easier than ever.  The truth is, because there are so many options it is just that much more difficult to find the marketing tactics that work for your business.  400 more words

Business Marketing

Profile-raising – What Works and What Doesn’t

Are you measuring the effectiveness of your marketing activity? Most firms aren’t, despite spending large amounts of money on marketing.

Part of the problem is that firms are not always clear what their marketing objectives are. 670 more words

Business Development And Selling

Effectiveness of Different Marketing Activities

Below is a list of marketing techniques and my own personal views as to what typically tends to be effective (ie provide value for money) and what isn’t. 298 more words

Business Development And Selling

Why Your Offline Business Needs To Develop A Website?

If you are running a business delaying or avoiding the development of a website in hope for a miracle, chances are that it will not be long before your loyal customers shift their loyalties. 109 more words

Online Presence

Twitter twats and twots.

Now, I’m not an expert at using various social media platforms for the purposes of promoting my book. However, I’m an expert in what riles and annoys me. 357 more words

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Social Media Marketing and Why your Business Needs it

Social media, that’s a kids game right? A place filled with family and friends, but no real business gets done there. It’s all about memes, cat videos, and farming games. 1,167 more words

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