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Book Marketing: Blogging

Obviously I believe in blogging. But how about blogging as a marketing tool?

There are several reasons for blogging:

  1. For the fun of it.
  2. To be helpful to others.
  3. 457 more words

Hosting Your Website

There are different ways of studying this subject. Some are much more technical than this blog will be. So for a detailed plan of action on hosting, then I suggest you Google ‘hosting your website.’ 869 more words


Snapchat Marketing Techniques

Everyone is talking about it- the new rage and using the platform Snapchat to market their business. In fact, I’ve recently seen quite a few posts and people offering training on how to use this new platform. 211 more words

Social Media Marketing Strategies and Techniques

I need not restate the influence and reach of social media in present date. People prefer to see referred, reviews over google search results, or a website before purchasing a product. 968 more words

The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

How Do You Overcome The Challenges Of Social Media Marketing

It’s easy to realize the importance of social media marketing today, when everybody and their mother are on Facebook or Twitter. 499 more words


Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes?

What would you give to make substantial sales?

You can make the fastest sales ever with the right Social media marketing techniques. However, consider this: Social Media is not the place for desperate sellers. 688 more words


Enhance the Online Visibility of Your Business in Great Fashion

If you are running a business, you will by no means escape the need to market it. You have to try by all means to market your business using any means possible. 259 more words

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