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Transition From Digital Marketing to Individualized Marketing!!

Being welcomed as a recognized individual is a warm shopping experience that we all enjoy isn’t it?

We relish the personal touch imposed by brands that remember specific moments of our life-right from birthdays, to anniversaries, festivals and other important events. 709 more words

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How to Write a Social Media Bio: 5 Tips for Real Estate Professionals

No one likes writing social media bios. Summing up the wonderful, complex individual that you are in just a few strategically selected words, is challenging. 499 more words

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Average Funding Per Marketing Technology Category

The following infographic summarizes the average funding for each Marketing Technology category to show which Marketing Technology categories are the best funded. It shows that Search Engine Marketing is in the lead with $40.33M funding per company, followed by Email Marketing with $34.82M per company. 100 more words

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Virtual Assistant Program

Do you need more time to spend with your clients and customers instead of your computer? Well then you are in luck! Berkshire Hathaway Homesale Realty recently launched ‘My Virtual Assistant’ program to help assist agents in saving valuable time when it comes to online and offline marketing efforts. 302 more words

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Marketing Automation: Slippery Slope Isn't at Implementation But At Post-Implementation

Kelly J. Waffle, EVP & Co-Founder @ Markistry

Three stages to help you get traction

Recently I read that the chances of making it to the summit of Mt. 1,140 more words

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Marketing: If You Aren't Measuring It, You Aren't Leveraging It

Kelly J. Waffle, EVP & Co-Founder @ Markistry

Learn the four “I”s of success

I speak with marketers every week who tell me that they are spending a fortune on marketing technology such as marketing automation to generate, score, and nurture leads—but they are not measuring the results. 1,091 more words

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Marketing: Oxygen and Water to Survive, Strategy and Tactics to Thrive

Kelly J. Waffle, EVP & Co-Founder @Markistry

How to make the most of the seller’s journey and seller’s experience

There is a lot of discussion and advice out there about the buyer’s journey and the customer experience. 772 more words

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