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Smart Attendance System

A social enterprise delivering health services in remote places has adopted a novel solution to make sure beneficiaries receive the services at the right place and time through the on-the-field employees. 65 more words

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Real Time Application of IOT

  • Smart Parking
Monitoring of parking spaces availability in the city.
  • Structural health
Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges and historical monuments.
  • Noise Urban Maps…
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Smart Chair

The smart chair can track sitting habits and can alert you, as n when required to correct your sitting posture. One can also review past data on sitting postures with guidance on improvement. 22 more words

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Wearable ECG Monitor

The QardioCore wearable ECG monitor is easy to use monitor that straps around the chest. The sensors in it are able to monitor heart health and health status. 90 more words

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AR & VR Basics

Virtual Reality – Existing view of the world with the new digital experience.
Augmented Reality – It adds new visual or auditory layers to your existing reality. 158 more words

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Smart Jacket powered by Jacquard Technology

Orchestrating these diverse technologies to provide a more responsive, real-time customer experience is the goal, ‘Google and Levi’s’ want to achieve in the next five years. 92 more words

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Marketing Technology Companies Founded by Year - Q1 2017

The following graph shows the founding year distribution in the Marketing Technology sector. The graphic includes data through February 2017.

The above graph summarizes the number of Marketing Technology companies founded in a certain year. 59 more words

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