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The benefit of paying attention to the World around you.

Awareness is a virtue. You just never know what you’ll be able to see that so many others may not.





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Marketing Thoughts

Throwaway Branding Lessons From Starbucks

Say what you want about them, but Starbucks really knows how to be Starbucks. On my last visit I remembered to ask if they had any used coffee grounds that I could use at home in my compost pile. 179 more words

Marketing Thoughts

Steps in Making a Website: Blog and Forums

In my Are Blogs Dead? blog post, I mentioned how adding a blog to a website will be another tool to your arsenal.  As well as forums, there are sites like Reddit that are just a host of forums. 291 more words

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Steps in Making a Website: Layout

Website layouts change depending on what your website is all about. If it is to sell a products/service or to advertise your business. The objective… 311 more words

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Steps in Making a Website: Target Audience

Once you have the objective of your website planning down, lets talk about your target audience. In marketing we call these people your target market personas. 353 more words

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Are Blogs Dead?

I was recently watching one of my favorite Youtubers, who is a nail art/DIY nail art vlogger. Recently she has posted a “Thank you for 1,000,000 Instagram followers… 478 more words

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A Social Media S.O.S / Why Marketing Fundamentals Still Matter

On the surface, the use of social media as a way to influence more people to buy your products may seem revolutionary.

While it can be said that Social Media marketing is a faster, flashier and more intuitive way to communicate with customers, it’s only one part of the equation…and believe it or not, it’s not even the most important part. 972 more words

Marketing Thoughts