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Economy of Scale?

I am in the initial stages of a project to look at economy of scale, utility bench-markings, asset management and impacts of economic disruption on utility systems. 156 more words


Interesting Question about Reuse

If you are a wastewater utility, and you create a high quality effluent product that can be used for industrial purposes, irrigation or aquifer recharge, who “owns” the water?  328 more words



Pipe wears out.  Concrete deteriorates, Steel rusts.  Aluminum pits. Mines play out.  Wells run dry.  But we strive for sustainability.  How do these disparate facts coexist simultaneously?  363 more words

ONE Water?

One.  That’s the mantra.  I started blogging a year ago with the statement that “It’s all one water.”  And that is true, regardless of the form it may be in (raw, waste, storm, reclaimed, gray, industrial, etc).  273 more words

Leadership Part 4

In the theme of the past posts, I have two stories about a young man in North Carolina 30 years ago.  He was an engineer by education, but wanted to get into management.  772 more words


Preaching to the Choir

We all do it from time to time—and if truth were told, as an industry we do it way too often. Preach to the Choir. 455 more words

Drinking Water