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Information Overload

Before computers, the difficult part of research was finding materials. As a kid, I had to ride a bus a half hour downtown to the big county library when I needed to do serious research for school. 394 more words


From Bullets to Stories in B2B Tech Marketing

Every day, billions of people watch movies and TV, go to plays, and read novels and comic books. Why? Because we’re suckers for good stories. Stories seem to be embedded in our DNA. 708 more words

Marketing Writing

O-Live A/B Testing Banner Ads

Olisur, a Chilean olive oil producer, was looking to break into the US market of extra virgin olive oil after partnering with Meijer and Amazon.com under the brand O-Live. 64 more words

Marketing Writing

Writing Like it's 2018

by Gene Knauer

Writing is still (and many of us think always will be) an art. But it’s also equal parts blood, sweat, and re-write. The keyboard, the PC, writing software, and content marketing portals have all made writing content easier.   580 more words

Marketing Writing

Gatorade Print Ad

When taking a class about the different forms of printing, specifically for magazines, I became intrigued to create my own advertisement. Inspired by the ‘That’s G’ campaign, I decided to create my own advertisement for the sports drink brand. 100 more words

Marketing Writing

The Observant Writer.... historical dramas

I really want to write a historical drama but the guys on my internet chat group say it’ll never sell. What should I do?

The first thing I tell all my students is BE CAREFUL who you let influence your writing! 345 more words

Beginning Writing

The Observant Writer.... 3 Act Structure

Everyone talks about the 3 act structure; but I want to write something completely different than the same old movies we see every day. 

That desire to create something different is going to serve you well in the writing process; hang on tight to that. 300 more words

Beginning Writing