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The Observant Writer.... historical dramas

I really want to write a historical drama but the guys on my internet chat group say it’ll never sell. What should I do?

The first thing I tell all my students is BE CAREFUL who you let influence your writing! 345 more words

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The Observant Writer.... 3 Act Structure

Everyone talks about the 3 act structure; but I want to write something completely different than the same old movies we see every day. 

That desire to create something different is going to serve you well in the writing process; hang on tight to that. 300 more words

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The Observant Writer..... the road less traveled

Roads Less Traveled…. always pull at me. Sometimes, just for the hell of it, we need to follow that instinct to see what story it might lead us to if we follow. 11 more words

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I’ve got a GREAT movie idea, but I don’t know how to start?

And it’s no wonder, we see the end result of screenplays all the time on TV, at the movie theater and when we stream a film online, but very few people have actually READ a screenplay. 253 more words

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Journalism Meets Content Marketing – Applying What Works Across Disciplines

Topics in content marketing―aside from artful writing―are an important facet of successful campaigns. If you’re a content marketer, you need a continual stream of ideas for blogs, white papers and journal articles to entice your target market to read about your product or service and keep it top of mind. 583 more words

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Bullying and Harassment Fact Sheet

Kalamazoo Public Schools has the “Alternative Learning Program,” a middle school where the goal is to provide the sixth to eighth grade students the skills, such as choice theory and perseverance; to be reintroduced to their home school while also growing academically and personally.  124 more words

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Better Bulldog Decisions Campaign

The Alternative Learning Program of Kalamazoo Public Schools recently added a series of fact sheets to their disciplinary program to prevent or handle problem situations. ALP wanted to be able to incorporate the fact sheets throughout the school in other ways. 162 more words

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