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How to Market Your Book on Facebook

Immediately after you’ve published your book, it’s time to get into marketing. Here’s what you need to understand in order to jumpstart your book marketing campaign on Facebook. 1,042 more words

Going to Sri Lanka for our new look

One of the goals mom and I have had for our series is to redo the covers to make them easier to view online and more attractive and modern in their looks. 421 more words

Is It Time to Relaunch Your Book?

Publishing a book for the first time can be an exciting proposition. Dreams of hitting it big can fill your eyes with stars and the world with hope.   759 more words

Using Authenticity to Promote my Book

“The secret to success is sincerity. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

(Quote attributed to a number of actors and businesspeople.)

Besides being an author, I’m a salesman.

1,006 more words

Do we stand outside the fire when it comes to our books?

Standing outside the fire is one of my favorite songs from Garth Brooks. When I first heard the lyrics it spoke to me on a few issue that fills our country and world. 193 more words

Marketing Your Book