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The Heartfelt Ad You Can't Understand (But Can Feel)

What makes a good ad campaign? Is it humourous? Is it entertaining? Is it catchy? I believe the best ones are the ones that are… 270 more words

Social Media

Facebook is trying to make its coupon product, Offers, a bigger deal

Facebook will now let people save offers to a new Offers tab, remind them when one is about to expire and give brands more control over who can use them. 8 more words

Exclusive: Uber Poaches Senior Target Exec

Uber, the global ride-hailing giant whose reputation has see-sawed at times from brash to boorish, has plucked an image maker from a leading U.S. retailer to be one of its top executives. 951 more words


Why I Don't Do Newsletters, plus an update on Never Change (Book #3)

I could make this a one sentence post: Because I don’t have time.

But let me flesh this out a bit more. I have a newsletter program set up, along with 50 subscribers. 482 more words

Twitter floats better revenue split for creators’ YouTube, Facebook videos

Twitter offers creators 70% of the revenue from ads against their videos, but will advertisers pay more for those ads than on YouTube or Facebook? 8 more words