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Success, or a Reassessment of What It Means

In May 2014 when I was deep into marketing and promoting Perceval’s Secret, I wrote about success in a blog post entitled “What does ‘commercial success’ mean to you? 731 more words


Creating A Content Strategy

According to a LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, over 70% of marketers have a content strategy in place. Content strategy. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot and while it may seem like a scary thing to tackle, my aim in this post is to make it much more manageable and even a must-do for all of those out there who are not currently using a content strategy. 589 more words


end Started hole up Video Marketing For Your Business

Many people have heard of video marketing, but have accountability understanding how to use it in an charismatic way that consign bring in new customers. Understanding the correct way to use video marketing isn’t immense if you cognize what you’re evidence. 684 more words

Affiliate Marketing

E-books Only?

I have several e-book titles available on amazon.com, and have not published any in print. This has been deliberate for the following reasons:

  1. I write short books, mostly how-to.
  2. 333 more words

Lessons in Marketing and Unconventionality

In 2016, it’s not much of a challenge to share your brand’s messaging. You can go the old school but now new (again) school route and produce aesthetically pleasing flyers like these: 323 more words

Top Food-Focused Commercial Picks of Super Bowl 50

Heinz. Doritos. Snickers. Avocados. Bai. We’re not planning our next snack run—though this would be a pretty solid start to the list—we’re running through a few of our favorite food (and beverage)-focused commercials of Super Bowl 50, 2016. 271 more words


Instagram Account Switching: It's Finally Here

The moment social media marketers have been waiting for is finally here – Instagram’s capability to switch between accounts without having to log in and log out every time. 322 more words

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