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7.1 TYLER HANNA - Kit Kat


While out with my friend Matthew for lunch, I got to discuss one of my favorite new genres of music: mumble rap. During the midst of that conversation, Matthew showed me this Kit Kat commercial featuring Chance the Rapper. 338 more words

Why Online video is the Future of Content Marketing - Video SEO Services

Online video is the Future of Content Marketing – Future Inbound marketing is about using video & slideshow to bring potential customers to your business.

Here's how your Brain sees a Business Logo -Infographic (5 min read)

Ever wanted to know what goes through your brain when you see a new business logo in your mind…? Well check out the infographic below! 7 more words


Kiosk translating in sign language assist deaf customers and help restaurants reduce risk of ADA ...

"That experience might keep her from going back to that restaurant,” said Grace Vasa, CEO of technology firm Juke Slot. “Unfortunately, such …

from Google Alert – restaurants technology… 9 more words

Google Alert - Restaurants Technology

5 Keys to Business Success (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Edas Aigbe

Founder & Owner of: Express Impacts

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Business, Religion and Successful Living Writer

Business is an organizational entity created to provide good and services to consumers. 341 more words



If their advertising strategy fails, they have little to anticipate. As a way to attain this goal, an ideal marketing and advertising strategy is essential. If you wonder why you are in need of a digital advertising strategy, given following are some of the vital reasons. 524 more words

Planning to Market olive oil - marketing to plan!

With this season starting to come to an end it’s time to assess what product(s) will be available as new season.  Do you have any surplus products as of last season?   432 more words

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