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Welcome to Dandelion Chandelier

Another blog . . . seriously? Is this what the world needs right now?
I know what you’re thinking. We’re all drowning in information. It comes at us like water from a fire hose, unrelentingly, dawn to dusk and then some. 426 more words


To smile or not to smile

To smile or not to smile?

Ok, that’s the question.

I’m getting a bit addicted to surveys, here.

So what I want to know is:  how do you feel about a model smiling.  38 more words

The 'last-mile' in digital marketing: decoy effect

Decoy effect? Sounds like we are about to ask someone to fall into a trap. It kind of is I suppose. The decoy effect is where the mind plays tricks with us and we fall into a cognitive trap. 381 more words

Behavioural Economics

Things You Need to Know from Social Media Marketing

7 Things You Need to Know from Social Media Marketing

#1 Advocacy is the New Black
When we love something and we are given a platform on which to share it (social media), then we tell a brand story and share a brand message better than the brand ever can. 6 more words

How does Netflix know what movies I like?

What does Statistics have to do with Netflix knowing what movies you will like? A lot. Specifically with something called correlation. In Statistics, correlation allows us to measure the degree in which two different phenomena are related to one another. 801 more words