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Fashion PR for Business

If you are in the fashion industry looking for your niche, then you need a strong public relations campaign along with a great product. Here are some of the ways that you can integrate your own content, social media and other… 358 more words

Erika Kauffman

Why Quality Marketing Beats Quantity

At the onset of online content marketing, the virtual girth of your online presence said something about your brand. A strong brand was one that was simply, very visible. 549 more words

Velvet Cartel

How to Become a Top 100 Author on Amazon in 48 Hours (by Matt Clark)

Well, seeing as I only have two weeks before Down The Wormhole launches, I decided to research as much as I could while waiting. And I did find some good things. 1,190 more words


DM or not to DM : Why I don't Kiss on the First Date

If I ever wanted to write a comedy book, I wouldn’t have to leave my house to find the right material and funny stories. My very own “Shit My Twitter Says” (modeled on the national bestseller “Shit My Dad Says”) could be written within hours of reading my Twitter page and just copying tweets into this book without editing. 1,286 more words


The Proper Form

In my last post, I talked about how people I met with mentally chased me away because of their “commission breath”. In today’s post I am going to give you a tip on how to have a conversation with someone that will not make them look for the nearest exit. 108 more words

Hispanic Senior Marketing Manager - Spanish/English (financial district)

Xoom Corporation (Nasdaq: XOOM), one of the fastest growing digital money transfer companies in the world is revolutionizing the international money transfer market by providing people with an easy, convenient and cost-effective means of sending mone […] 7 more words

San Francisco

Step 4: also increase marketing for your blog

Having fun blogging so far, right:)) As well, now try adding some cool social media content which could be a lot easier so far if you have followed our advice here at the Slow Turtle blog. 240 more words