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Out With The Old: Gentrifying Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market

By Markus Bell and Jieun Kim

In 1998 an article in Seoul’s Kyeonghyang newspaper described a visit to Seoul’s Noryanggin Fish Market as follows:

“Arriving in the Noryanggin Fish Market your timid heart will flutter like an excited fish in water. 735 more words


3 Things the European Investment Grade Fixed Income Team Talked About Last Week

Central Bankers Start Talking Again: 

Whilst August is traditionally a quiet month in markets with many participants on vacation, central bankers have been quite active in trying to guide markets to their way of thinking. 1,011 more words


China: How Serious is the Debt Issue?

Emerging Markets (EMs) continue to drive global growth, with China still accounting for the lion’s share. However, China’s increasing debt remains a significant concern for global investors. 540 more words


European Equities: Life After Brexit

One month on and European Equity investors could be forgiven for thinking the UK Referendum never happened; the market has displayed an impressive amount of equanimity regaining nearly all lost performance. 327 more words


EMs: Are Emerging Markets Becoming Safer than Developed Markets?

When looking at global growth expectations for the near future, we continue to see a confirmation of the increasing weight of emerging markets (EMs) in the global economy and further divergences in the growth path between them and developed markets (DMs) (see chart below). 434 more words


Japan: A New Wave of Policy Intervention?

Since the beginning of the year, macro conditions in Japan have remained quite weak. We expect that Japanese GDP will grow by 0.6% YoY in the current year 2016, and around 0.5% YoY in 2017, under a Low Low Trap scenario. 552 more words


Eurozone: What’s the Story After Brexit?

The Brexit result opens a new period of uncertainty for the future of Europe. The hit on consumer confidence and economic growth is expected to weigh on the profitability of European companies, where sectors are expected to be impacted by difference factors. 403 more words