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Play Reflation through Real Assets and Equities

Francesco Sandrini is Head of Multi Asset Securities Solutions. 

This is the second in a series of blogs in which we analyze the main inflation drivers investors should pay attention to in 2017 and beyond, as well as investment opportunities to deal with higher inflation across fixed income, equity and multi asset. 798 more words


Banana bonanza

To continue the grocery shopping theme…

Why is it that of the almost 1000 varieties of bananas grown in the world, grocery stores here in el norte mostly only sell the Cavendish?  354 more words


Market of the Month… Le Grande Marché in Aix-en-Provence

Greeting dear readers and friends! Well, spring is finally here, hurray! Of course winters in Provence are not as terrible as elsewhere in the world, but we do get our share of bad weather, whipping Mistral winds, and the occasional thunderstorm. 612 more words

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BJ's birthday bouquets

Currently, View from Casita Colibrí is being brought to you from el norte.  Alas, tax season has come around again and mine need to be prepared.  180 more words


Dutch Dam Against Anti-Euro Tide

In the End, No Surprise

After the annus horribilis in which several elections resulted in unexpected outcomes (admittedly, without the much feared negative impact on asset prices), we have now had a result that is in line with recent polls and will not lead to a tremendous change in the policy and political approach of the country involved. 870 more words


Fed Policy: Still Behind the Curve

Ken Taubes is Chief Investment Officer, US.

Even while hiking interest rates today, the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) maintained its dovish sentiment. In recent weeks, Fed members began signaling that rate hikes would come sooner, raising expectations for a more hawkish Fed stance. 600 more words


3 Things the European Investment Grade Fixed Income Team Talked About Last Week

 1. ECB Meeting

24 hours. That’s the time it took the ECB hawks to break ranks and confirm what most of us suspected – that the ECB Governing Council had discussed a rate hike at the previous day’s meeting. 964 more words