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“Chul Moi” (Cheers) from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Traveling in Siem Reap, Cambodia is an eye-opener for anyone from a western society. I have visited many poor countries in this world, but this has to be the most “under-developed” country I have ever experienced (although it’s not the dirtiest or the most over crowded with people…India takes that honour!). 930 more words

Mt Eden Village American Fete

One thing I love about Auckland is that there is always at least about 5 different markets to choose from each weekend. Mt Eden Village normally have a market on each month but this time they did it a bit differently with an American Fete. 227 more words


Annihilate FTIL: The Genesis of the NSEL Crisis

Annihilate FTIL- genesis of the NSEL crisis

When the solution is worse than the problem

For those who are yet not aware of the story, NSEL- National Spot Exchange Limited – is an electronic market place for the sale and purchase of commodities. 4,065 more words

Fit And Proper