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Gold v Dollar | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Hey Martin You always say that us in Europe better get our money out while we still can. I know that you recommend bank account in US but that isn’t always so easy. 335 more words


Europe v America | Armstrong Economics

QUESTION: Why is Europe still in an economic crisis among its banks while the US banks are obviously beyond the crisis days of 2008-2009? Thank you for your insight. 127 more words

Euro Zone

Phnom Penh - Part 1

In April 2018 I traveled to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to get a 60-day Thai visa, the first step towards getting a Retirement Visa to live permanently in Thailand. 38 more words


Auditor General Ban Sinks Nkonki

Audit firm Nkonki’s largest office has applied for voluntary liquidation, after the auditor-general’s decision to terminate its contracts with the company scuppered plans by executives to buy out disgraced majority shareholder Mitesh Patel. 400 more words


Swan Song

There are times in life when you make decisions – big decisions – that alter your entire reality. It might be to go somewhere fresh or do something new – it might be both. 994 more words

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Finally Speaks Out│Cambridge Analytica Sandal

By Saurav Bhandary   │Published: April 20, 2018

On Saturday, March 17, 2018, The New York Times, working together with The Observer of London and The Guardian, first reported that a data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica ‘improperly’ harvested millions of Facebook users’ data (Rosenberg, Confessore, & Cadwalladr, 2018). 1,245 more words


Hot Cannes Title: BLOOM To Sell International On Julius Onah-Helmed 'Luce'

EXCLUSIVE: BLOOM will launch international sales at Cannes for the Julius Onah-directed Luce. The just-wrapped film stars Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, Tim Roth and… 301 more words

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