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The Concerns over Consumerism

With Black Friday just around the corner, no doubt most of you are excited to get your hands on some new merchandise. Maybe you can get that 50″ 4K LED TV you always wanted, or an Xbox, or a shiny new MacBook Pro, or maybe even an incredible new espresso machine with dozens of customization settings. 675 more words


Mercado de Puerto

Turning the corner from Calle Sarandi into the pedestrian Perez Castellano this car free street had already begun to look seedier around the edges, the facades less grand. 719 more words


Stock Markets – Closing Note – 23 Nov

Ger30, UK100 and SP500 are CFD’s, written over the Dax30, Footsie100 and S&P500 Index futures:

Today was marked by a weak activity in the European markets, explained by the closing of the American stock exchange, due to the celebration of the “Thanksgiving” in the country. 166 more words

Market News

Ether just set a new all-time record above $400

The price ether, the digital token used on the ethereum blockchain set a new record high in trading today, at just under $415. It has been a good year for the cryptocurrency, which has appreciated by a cool 5,000% (or so) since January, when it was trading at $8.  214 more words

Made in Hungary

As a country that is home to a greater number of Catholics than live in Ireland and where crafted mangers and festive exchanges add more sparkle than all the chachkies from China, Hungary celebrates Christmas in a very special way. 352 more words

Psychotropic Drugs - Pharmaceutical Companies - Threat To Your Life!

One investigation shows the connection between those who commit mass murder, including ISIS fighters and mass shooters, is anti-depressant drugs and other prescription and narcotic drugs, not the availability of guns. 204 more words