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Global Water Treatment Equipment has increased in past few years and is expected to reach $87,861 million by the end of 2022

Water constitutes an essential part for community well-being. Water is a universal solvent, but solids, such as clay, fine sand, dust, and rust, are insoluble in water, resulting in cloudiness and are technically known as total suspended solids (TSS). 820 more words


Marvel Claws Back Dollars From DC Comics But Loses Sales In September 2016 Marketshare

Article information gathered by: Jay Christoph

Thanks to Bleeding Cool, the numbers are in for September’s marketshare. Check them out below.

In August, Marvel Comics had dollar and sales marketshare figures of 30.78% and 32.11%. 420 more words


Can an industries' customers create a monopoly?

The three most admired American companies are Apple, Alphabet, and Amazon, according to Fortune; Facebook is in the top 15 and rising fast. Our attention seems to be ever more focused on our phones, and Apple owns 40 percent of the U.S.

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Penjualan Honda Agustus 2016, 73,7% harusnya bisa lebihhhh...!!!

Honda kembali bergembira atas keberhasilan penjualan motor mereka yang secara prosentase telah menyentuh angka 73%an, walaupun belum menyentuh angka psikologis 80% namun angka tersebut tentu membuat saingan terdekat mereka Yamaha menjadi semakin ngos-ngosan dalam menggenjot penjualan. 424 more words


iOS and Android inch closer to owning 100% of the smartphone market

The latest research numbers from Gartner reveal that iOS and Android are inching ever closer towards completely owning 100% of the entire global smartphone market. According to the latest figures, sales of Android and iOS handsets during the recent June quarter accounted for 99.1% of all smartphone sales worldwide. 215 more words


When you give credit where none is due (and visa versa).

In Jan, Feb, Mar and April, you sell an average of 180 (new and used) vehicles per month. You hire a marketing company for May, June and July.   463 more words

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