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Destruction and Centralization - Monopolizing the Worship Market

I want to take a moment to explore Deuteronomy 12:1-7. In doing so, however, I want to make an analogy to the economics of contemporary technology. 1,740 more words



What we see in Smartphones today is a story of convergence; between hardware, software and the folks that manufacture them. Case in point, China, where not only has the former converged from specs. 151 more words


Amazon buying Whole Foods - Notebook

I was on vacation last week, so this notebook is a little stale. Perishable news. (JOKES!)

The basics

  • The deal size is $13.7bn, a 30% premium; expected to close in the second half of this year (
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Are TV Commercials still relevant?

In the media obsessed culture we live in today, it seems like more and more people are turning to the internet and social media, and more and more advertisers are drifting away from traditional television advertising to digital marketing and SEO. 267 more words


Popular Distros and Linux Marketshare

I use Linux. All my machines have¬†Linux installed. Even my Chromebook, which is based on Gentoo if I’m not mistaken, dual-boots Chrome OS and Arch ARM. 58 more words