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In a supermarket recently I was hailed by a former parishioner of mine from decades ago. He was his enthusiastic self, telling me about his wife and children and the troubles associated with raising teenagers. 613 more words


Achzarit - part 6: Running gear & weathering

Looking at my last post about Achzarit, I realized it must have been quite some time since I gave update on this project.

This is actually one of my projects, which is most advanced and closest to finish, though by no means close. 150 more words


What Makes Them 'Mew'tiful

It is a Thursday night. My mom and I are sitting in the living room, talking to each other while using our phones. Sterling and Tiger are smooshed together on my mom’s lap, competing for cuddles. 320 more words

No More Sublime

Like many photographers I have one or two subjects that I keep coming back to again and again. Landscape for me is that subject. My initial introduction to what photography can be came through photographers like Minor White, Paul Caponigro and Edward Weston and maybe a little bit of Ansel Adams. 206 more words


Brown Noser

In the literal sense of the term, a grey squirrel is in fact not grey…. not entirely, at least.  Outside of white squirrels and black squirrels (both of which are mutations of the grey species), grey squirrels aren’t the least bit monochrome in fur color.  264 more words


Daily Prompt: Crumb


Hi Everyone!

Hmmm! Let’s see.

The story of Hansel & Gretel, where their father took them in the woods and left them. Hansel left bread crumbs along their trail to find their way back. 86 more words

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Owl Moth Wing Marking Photomicrography

A close-up 10:1 microscopic photograph of the color markings on the wings of a Cream-striped owl Moth (Cyligramma latona).

Nikon CFI Plan 10X Microscope Objective. 20 more words