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Who tosses out FightSticks and sneakers to save the world? This guy, in GameStart 2015 - THE GAME!

The good people at GameStart Asia announced new stages and characters for their newly released iOS / Android compatible retro action title, GameStart 2015 – The Game! 49 more words


Ownership, object history and endowment effect in 2 and 3 year olds - Gelman

Text #13

Gelman, S. a., Manczak, E. M., & Noles, N. S. (2012). The nonobvious basis of ownership: Preschool children trace the history and value of owned objects. 899 more words


Time to PLAY via Twitch!

I don’t have any major travel duties until the 19th of this month! So I need some feedback from people who follow/enjoy gaming. What games should I play/stream regularly? 35 more words


SCOTUS Teva Ruling: Big Splash with Little Impact

By Miriam Swedlow

Despite overruling the Federal Circuit’s prior practice of reviewing all aspects of patent claim construction de novo, the Supreme Court’s ruling in… 584 more words

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Arbitrating the Patent Case Part XI: the Prehearing Schedule

In this series or articles, we first focused on the patent cases most likely to be arbitrated, formulation of arbitration clauses, and some matters to be addressed during the prehearing conference.  1,534 more words

Patent Arbitration

Arbitrating the Patent Case Part VIII: More on the prehearing conference

In earlier articles in this series we looked at the types of patent disputes most amenable to arbitration, what to look for in choosing an arbitrator or arbitrators for the dispute, relatively foolproof clauses to make sure the matter actually goes to arbitration without having to fight about it in court, arbitration clauses that may be useful in your patent dispute, and clauses to avoid or at least skeptically consider before using.  1,181 more words

Patent Arbitration

Patent Claim Construction: SCOTUS says - Do Not Disturb!

Society at large is becoming very familiar with patents from shows like The Shark Tank.  Investors repeatedly want to know if your new company has a product that is protected.  545 more words

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