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MFF Streaming: Reviewing the lesser-known horror films on Netflix

Netflix is loaded with horror films and the majority of them are not good. You could easily pick the wrong film and find yourself watching a soul crushingly bad movie. 500 more words

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MFF Special: Analyzing the Poor Decision Making of JCVD's Cinematic Villains

I recently recorded a podcast about JVCD’s first 10 years of action films and I noticed some alarming trends while researching his films. The final villains are all basically the same person. 976 more words

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15 Movies to Watch Before You Put Together Your 2015 "Best of" List

It is nearing the end of the year which means the world will be inundated with “best of” lists. I will be guilty of releasing several lists and I’ve already started soul searching in order to produce the most pretentious 1-10 on the planet. 421 more words

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The MFF Podcast #34: Creating the Ultimate Romantic Comedy Drama

Hello all. Mark here.

Great news! Blog Talk Radio, Sharkdropper and MFF have teamed up to form the perfect movie podcast. Now, you can stream the pods on the BTR website… 132 more words

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The MFF Random Awards: The 2015 Spying Awards

2015 has been a banner year for spying. We’ve been blessed with a cornucopia of fantastic spy films that trot the globe and put fake mustaches on Jason Statham. 544 more words

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Spectre: A Solid Addition to the James Bond Franchise

Bond films are rarely judged as a single entity. There is so much baggage associated with the Bond world that is is hard to review one of them without drawing comparisons from 50 years worth of super spy antics. 652 more words

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