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Set It Up: A Feel-Good Romantic Comedy You Should Check Out on Netflix

Set It Up may come across as a breezy little thing that gets by on cast chemistry and an adherence to old-school romantic comedy tropes (airports are featured). 481 more words

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From 'The Whole Nine Yards' to 'A Sound of Thunder:' The Rise and Fall of Franchise Pictures

There I was 27, from Thailand, living my dream and working with an A-list crew, kicking ass and getting great footage, all while staying on budget and on schedule.

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Forget Dinosaur Soldiers, Here are 10 Movie Monsters the Military Should Use for Military Operations

The idea behind the military folks in Jurassic World wanting to turn dinosaurs into super-soldiers never sat right with me. The amount of money, time, research, development and resources needed would cost in the billions and the result would be unpredictable. 737 more words

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The World Destroyers Cup: What is the Best Movie Featuring the Destruction of Earth?

With the World Cup upon us, I figured I would create a “World Destroyers Cup” bracket that pits 16 earth destroying (or attempting) movies against each other. 328 more words

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The MFF Soccer Squad: A Collection of Cinematic Characters Who Would Easily Win the World Cup

With the World Cup on the horizon, I thought I’d put together a cinematic soccer squad that would give Brazil, Spain, and Germany a run for their money. 659 more words

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