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Another Word from Moltke

I was re reading some passages from General Helmuth von Moltke, who I previously mentioned here and here. These two sections jumped out at me. 660 more words


Understanding Trajectories and Zeroes in Relation to Barrel Length

Recently, on M4carbine.net, a user by the name of “thecolter” put up a very interesting post relating to various barrel lengths, ammo selection, and zero range. 653 more words


Air Rifle Practice: 2/2/15

I have not been to air rifle practice in a long time, due to my schedule. I have also been sitting on the same targets for quite some time. 52 more words


Range Report

This report is a week late, sorry.

I hit the range last Sunday. The weather was very nice, a sunny 75 degrees with a 10 mph tail wind off of the ocean. 1,088 more words


Learning to Love Chicken Wings

In nearly every AR-15 oriented message board, when someone posts a picture of themselves or someone else in a more traditional standing position (firing elbow raised, more erect posture), there are howls of “Get that elbow down!” or “You’re going to get your arm shot off!” 962 more words


Gunsite Long Range Course

Copyright Guy J. Sagi

Richard Mann is being the trigger, running a Weatherby in .308 Win., topped with a Leupold. We were connecting out past 900 yards when we got good spots….OK, he was connecting a lot more often than I was, but it was still the most educational four days of my shooting life! 21 more words

AR-15 Buying Guide: Barrels

OK, The last post was geared towards the first time buyer who probably doesn’t have a lot of shooting experience with any rifle, and nearly none with with an AR-15. 5,341 more words