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Failing in the neighborhood of "way out there"

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Well said, by an epic man who lived only 56 years, yet is immortalized both in history and on Mount Rushmore.  139 more words



Last post we talked about your fire control computer and a good pistol shooting stance. I told you about controlling and respecting your pistol and about a good practical stance that will be modified according to the situation. 830 more words


In the next couple of posts, we will talk about how to shoot a pistol. But, before I begin slinging wit and wisdom down from Mount Gooch, we need to talk about the subject that will save many more lives than taking out a herd of zombies. 1,100 more words

Marksmanship Continues

I have continued to work on the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship program when I go to the range.  I have finally come to the level that has been a challenge to make.  204 more words

Reloading: 1/31/16

Yesterday, I primed:

36 .30-.30 Win
195 .243 Win

using mixed brass, CCI large rifle primers and a Lee hand-priming tool.  Speaking of which, there is a bible verse that reads: 130 more words


Learn a (seemingly) Useless Skill

“Why do we have to learn this?” can be the most frustrating question a student asks a teacher in a couple scenarios: 1) When a student asks the question out of frustration on a skill they have not mastered quickly, or 2) When, as a teacher, you don’t have a better response than “because it is on the test.” Now, to be fair, I was that student. 1,329 more words


Tips for Prone Position

I received these tips in a newsletter from Appleseed. I thought I would pass it along. There is good information here.

From an engineering perspective, the prone position uses two rigid triangles to lock the rifle in place: A vertical triangle consists of the sling, upper arm and lower arm, anchored at the elbow.

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