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Notes for Training Others

I don’t bill myself as a firearms instructor by any means. I do love learning and practicing marksmanship, and I am a very capable instructor (and have credentials to back it up), but I’ve never formally put the two together. 1,573 more words


Range time, AR-15.

I got a BB gun when I was 11, and have enjoyed firearms ever since.  There are so many aspects of firearms that are of interest to me, and saddened to live in a state that does so much to get rid of good people who own firearms. 266 more words


The Everyday Marksman's 2nd Amendment Wishlist

The voters have spoken. I will admit my relief at seeing the phrase “President-Elect Donald Trump.” There has been a lot written out there on… 1,759 more words


9/26/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I slept in a bit, rather than trying to drive down to Socorro on just an hour or two of sleep.  I finished up a few projects around the house, and then drove to Socorro in time for Unit Operations presentation. 96 more words

Social Events

Book Review: How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL

Time will tell, ultimately, whether Sajnog’s training works for me, but I intend to give his tactics and techniques a serious effort.  Whether or not it is “official” Navy SEAL training, the information presented was practical and real world, delivered without an agenda (“My way or the highway”) other than to improve your shooting skills.  41 more words


Air Rifle Practice Tonight

I was able to attend air rifle practice this evening.  I shot in the sitting position this evening, using the Daisy 777.  I didn’t think I had done very well, but I haven’t lost much since my last air rifle practice. 94 more words


What do I want from life?

Wayyyy back a few years ago when I started this blog, it was an output for some professional discernment on exploring potential new career ideas, etc.   403 more words