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Tactical Triumph

Well, I must say, rarely have I ever felt so privileged and proud to be a part of something. I’m still floating on cloud nine and nearly speechless at just how well the… 733 more words

Tactical Stuff

Army vs. Civilian Shooting Styles

This is an interesting article. It does go to show how much can be learned by simple “hobbyists” in any task.

If it is true that many of the marksmanship training principles have not changed in the military, then there needs to be some changes. 49 more words


EIRP explicit integrated rangefinding prybar

Range estimation is a basis of a good shot.

Here is a one-piece tool to find a distance with an eyes and arms only. 66 more words


A Thing of Beauty

After much scheduling and postponing and teetering and yessing and noing and maybeing, by some stroke of luck I finally managed to herd a chunk of my closest friends and family members together for a private handgun carry permit class. 791 more words

Race And Guns

New Acquisition

I made the mistake of going to Ron Peterson’s thinking I would “just look around.” Somehow, a Thompson Center Contender barrel (7mm TCU) came home with me. 9 more words


Air Rifle Practice: 1/26/15

This past Monday, I had plenty of time to shoot during air rifle practice. Once again, I chose a pump air rifle, a Daisy 853, for this entire practice session. 22 more words


Fundamentals of Marksmanship Training - Living Dead Prepper

This is the 1st of a 3 part series of marksmanship training videos. http://www.livingdeadprepper.com Below is a transcript: Firearms training. A critical par…