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The Law of Diminishing Returns: Are We Spending Too Much for Precision?

There is a story about the late Colonel John Boyd in which he admonishes a young crowd of Air Force officers about progressing through their careers. 904 more words


Air Rifle Practice

I have been really bad about attending air rifle practice, and even worse about posting my scores. Here are the scores from the last two air rifle practices of the semester: 13 more words

New Mexico

50 Shades of NPOA

Anyone who has participated in an Appleseed (especially if you suffered under my instruction) has been taught the importance of Natural Point of Aim. Achieving NPOA is the ultimate refinement of all the steady hold factors of your position and all the six steps of firing the shot. 233 more words


Calguns monthly shoot - Meeting new gun buddies!

As a California gun owner, there’s a sense of camaraderie like¬†when you wave to a passing motorcyclists from your motorcycle. Californians typically don’t like guns, don’t understand them. 553 more words

A Note on Double Action Trigger Pull

My Beretta is a fine pistol. I love the weighty feel of a full metal frame and the softness of the recoil when shooting, it’s very confidence inspiring. 723 more words


Another Word from Moltke

I was re reading some passages from General Helmuth von Moltke, who I previously mentioned here and here. These two sections jumped out at me. 660 more words


Understanding Trajectories and Zeroes in Relation to Barrel Length

Recently, on M4carbine.net, a user by the name of “thecolter” put up a very interesting post relating to various barrel lengths, ammo selection, and zero range. 653 more words