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Training With a 22

I was talking with some other instructors a while back about quality training and fixing problem shooters.  They were surprised when I brought up the subject of training with a 22 pistol.  1,736 more words

Self Defense

Hingham, MA, day four, part II

Have to be on a conference call with some really well-trained marksmen in the Middle East at 2030 hours, but the subject matter only requires you to weigh in occasionally? 367 more words


Air Rifle Practice

I had a very short session of air rifle practice last night. It was sandwiched between two online tutoring opportunities. The session was so short that I did not even have a chance to claim my targets. 91 more words


Blast me for a terrible Irishman

There was a death in our extended family while I was out of town last week, the services were today.  Many of us went to a local bar, as Irish folk (even half Irish / half Germans like myself) are wont to do – A bar where I drank water, for goodness’ sake, as the weight lifting diet continues. 109 more words


Florida Man

We’ve all read about the antics of “Florida Man” – Seems there’s a possibility I may be Florida Man rather soon.

The question I’ve been anticipating for two weeks came up on Thursday: If the data center, the analytical staff, the programming staff, and a best of the best quality known distance range is located near Eglin AFB, why the heck would my new employer locate me in Cambridge? 141 more words


Shooting Related Things

I spent some time this weekend decapping .223 Win brass using a Lee decapping die. I decapped 296 cases, and stopped when I ran out of light. 148 more words


Marksmanship Team in Zone Competition

Congratulations to cadets of the 72nd Seaforth RCACC Marksmanship Team for representing us at the zone regional marksmanship competition this weekend. This is the first time this team has competed together and, while official results have not yet been posted, everyone did an excellent job. 174 more words