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It’s tiny.  It’s toony.  It’s all a little looney.

Boston Cop

Posted by: Mo
Where we met: Tinder
Age: 28
How he got his name: He’s a cop and lives in Boston. In town for the weekend with cop friends. 798 more words

Attending Kits High in 1993 to study the wicked ways of The Substitute

By Steve Newton

If somebody asked you what Mark Wahlberg’s first film was, I bet you wouldn’t know it’s The Substitute. I doubt many folks have seen  1,522 more words


Ted 2 Trailer Released

The original Ted movie had a hilarious trailer. I was so stoked to watch it when it came out. I am not huge on spending about $17,000 to go to the movie theater but I did to see Ted. 108 more words

This Is Transformers Age Of Extinction

Is it good?  Not really.  It is about an hour too long?  Absolutely.  Does it have a robot fist-fight atop a moving robot pterodactyl as it flies over Hong Kong while Optimus Prime rides a fire-breathing Dinobot Rex beneath it?  Yes.  Yes it does.


The Gambler

Starring: Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Brie Larson & Michael K. Williams.

Directed by: Rupert Wyatt

I’m not a gambler at all. The only card games that I play/ I know are Snap and Bloody Mary. 393 more words

Movie Reviews

Mark Wahlberg Victim Speaks Out On 1986 Assault

During a school field trip to the beach in 1986, a group of largely black fourth-graders were chased down the street as a group of white teenagers threw rocks and hurled racial slurs at them; one of those teens was none other than actor and former rapper  291 more words