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Fashion's most talked about photographs?

Kate Moss for Calvin Klein Obsession and Calvin Klein Jeans. Probably the most discussed and debated set of photographs in fashion. Was Kate too young? Was it exploitation? 207 more words

Good Vibrations and New Car Smell

Hubby turns 40 next month.  We have been talking about getting him a new truck for a while, but life has been super busy.  Well, I found one and bought it for him. 74 more words


The Perfect Storm (2000) Review: As a Story; As a "True" Story

This film has a bit of an identity crisis as it’s struggling between being a fictional story, a faithful adaptation of a book, and a true story without any eyewitnesses. 1,543 more words


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It’s tiny.  It’s toony.  It’s all a little looney.

Boston Cop

Posted by: Mo
Where we met: Tinder
Age: 28
How he got his name: He’s a cop and lives in Boston. In town for the weekend with cop friends. 798 more words

Attending Kits High in 1993 to study the wicked ways of The Substitute

By Steve Newton

If somebody asked you what Mark Wahlberg’s first film was, I bet you wouldn’t know it’s The Substitute. I doubt many folks have seen  1,522 more words