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August 26th 1916

Captain Frank Benham (RFA)

Frank has died in Queen Alexandra’s Hospital, Millbank, London.

He received wounds to the right side of the head, the neck and shoulder on August 5th. 150 more words

Rolo inspects bridge repairs

Rolo was keen to inspect bridge repairs across the River Kennet at Marlborough College. He watched the Wareham based Aqua specialists divert the water with pump and big pipe so they could shore up the foundations of the bridge and was pleased with result (last pictures). 10 more words

August 13th 1916

Captain Edmund Gay (Norfolk Regiment) was declared missing a year ago.

The Daily Telegraph reported about ten days ago that our Government understands that there are only nineteen officers and 359 other ranks known still to be in Turkish hands as Prisoners of War. 169 more words

July 29th 1916

Capt. David Westcott Brown (Leicestershire Regiment)

It has now been confirmed that David was killed in the fighting for Bazentin le Petit on July 14th. Although his body has not been found, a Sergeant reported seeing it. 530 more words

July 27th 1916

Whilst we have learnt much from the newspapers about the ‘Big Push’ on the Somme, it is not the same as hearing from someone in the thick of things. 1,095 more words

July 20th 1916

The length of the lists of those who have become casualties in the newspaper this morning is truly horrifying, and now we have heard that… 290 more words

Tuesday 31st May 2016

Papers Reviewed: The Sun, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Times

The Sun

Topic of article: Entertainment; Royal Family

Headline: Jolly hockey strips

Authors: Chris Pollard (News Reporter) 1,283 more words